Pokemon Go Hardware Guide - Top Power Packs

So you have pokemon go and your phone is running out of power in less than a couple of hours of Pokemon hunting! Fear not we have found the best portable Power Packs / Battery Chargers for that will support all of your pokemon hunting needs. 

Lets say for example you have an iPhone 6s your battery size is around 2,915 mAh (when new) guessing that it degrades over the life of the phone as you charge and discharge it. 

Heavy Pokemon hunting will drain that battery in a couple of hours, so walking around for the day without a charger is out of the question.


Small Power Packs - 5,000 MAh

These power packs will give you around a full charge to a full charge and a half if you base it on an iPhone 6s. So they will give you a bit more juce but not a full days of walking around power. Just a bit to get you a few hours of pokemon playing.


Compact KMASHI External Battery

This Compact KMASHI comes in a nice black compact case and is rated to 5,000 mAh. Nice and light and fits right into your pocket. Plus its currently only $8.59 bargan!

Buy the Compact KMASHI External Battery


Large Power Packs - 10,000 mAh

These power packs are about the same size and weight as an iphone six plus, actually a bit heavier probably about twice the weight. 

Based on an iPhone 6s you should get around 3 times full charge cycle from this power pack, however real world usage may cause differences in charge lengths. But you can safely say that you will get around two to three times full charge from these power packs. 


Poweradd Pilot 2GS

The Poweradd Pilot 2GS comes in a nice smooth metal case and features an led power status bar showing the amount of charge it has left. The Poweradd Pilot 2GS is not a bad option for the price, at the time of writing this its currently discounted at $17.99.

Buy the Poweradd Pilot 2GS here


KMASHI External Battery Power Bank

The KMASHI 10,000 mAh External Battery Power Bank comes in pokemon red and black styling and is even cheaper than the Poweradd pilot.

This one should only set you back $13.99 so you can almost stock up on two of these and have one in each pocket for dual charging action.


Buy the KMASHI External Battery Power Bank here


Massive Power Packs - 20,000 mAh's

These ones weigh a fair bit (as battery packs go) but if you dont want to charge your phone for a while these ones are the way to go. You might want to put it in a backpack or something as in your pocket might pull your pants down! :P

Based on an average of 3k mAh's these 20k ones should give you six full charges for your phone. So you are looking at easily using your phone for a full day without having to connect it to a wall power socket. For the hardcore pokemon players only!



The iMuto 20000 is one of these power beasts weighing in at 1.01 pounds or for those of us in the metric system 0.45 kg which is about 5 times the weight of the actual phone.

This one actually sounds like it is a pokemon, iMuto! but its not, just a massive power pack.

It comes with two charging slots so you can dual pokemon hunt by charging two phones at a time, and you can hunt in the dark as it comes with a built in torch. 

The iMuto will set you back around $32.99.

Buy the iMuto 20,000 here


So there you have it some of the top power chargers, which is the best one for you? Well it all depends on how far you are going to go without bringing your power board/ac adapter. 

If you want something nice and light just go for a 5k charger and if you just want a midrange one checkout the 10k. For those of us that really want to be out all day you might need to get an iMuto for a full days charge worth.

Be safe out there in your pokemon hunt!

Pokemon Go Hardware Guide - Top Power Packs

So you have pokemon go and your phone is running out of power in less than a couple of hours of Pokemon hunting! Fear not we have found the ..

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