Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by ArenaNet and published by NCsoft. Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is the first expansion for Guild Wars 2. Founded on the idea that the journey is the goal, the Heart of Thorns expansion continues the Guild Wars 2 tradition of challenging the conventions of MMOs to fulfill the promise of what online worlds should be. more

Guild Wars 2 Condensed Ley-Energy Nodes not appearing

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
For the next two weeks, we have an event that will allow us to mine a node daily by each world boss.... Just now i killed the Shadow Behemoth, no node in sight anywhere in the swamp. First time killing boss today, all other bosses since update have been fine (for me)- however, it seems some people around WERE able to mine it. Not sure if it has affected other bosses/will effect other bosses yet, i guess we'll find out ^^

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Constant disconnects today (June 15)

10:12 pm, June 16, 2019
Got disconnected from the game three times already during the course of the day. What's going on? I am on the EU server. P.S. It is not my internet connection, because I did not lose that one (e.g., TS did not disconnect).

Change your Account Email Address?

10:12 pm, June 16, 2019
Hello, Just wondering, is there any way to change your account email address, it seems my email address is frozen due to resetting the password because it was out of date? So long story short can't get access to the email, so I want to change it to make sure I can still Play this Great game and not ..

Pof bought but no serial key

10:12 pm, June 16, 2019
hello i bought pof yesterday and i received an email that say "Thank you for ordering from the Guild Wars 2. Your order has been submitted and is currently being processed. You will receive another email with the details of your order within 48 hours." i did read ppl usually get the serial key ri..

War Eternal not unlocking...

10:12 pm, June 16, 2019
So I have an odd of the people in my guild is having trouble the title suggests...War Eternal. It's not unlocking for them...isn't selectable or even visible in the story journal (confirmed by screen sharing). Does anyone have any ideas why this would be the case? I will note ..

Mimic and Mounts

9:12 pm, June 16, 2019
I am not sure if this is a bug or if it was intended, but the Mesmer skill Mimic can be used to refresh mount skills such as Bond of Vigor. This probably makes Mesmer the best class for races if they used those two skills in conjunction giving an advantage over other players during races...

Volatile Orbs and Dragon Crystal Nodes disappeared

9:12 pm, June 16, 2019
It happened a few hours ago in the middle of collecting volatile orbs using my skimmer in thunderhead peaks. I was following the orb trail then bam, orbs disappeared. It’s been 7 hours since that and still no volatile orbs nor dragon crystal nodes (farming branded mass). This is on every season 4 ..

Any way to get through The Departing without being disconnected or glitched?

9:12 pm, June 16, 2019
I've tried 7 time already for the last month. 6 times I got disconnected as I beat Balthazar. The 7th the white birds never showed up and the instance got stuck. Is there actually a way through this story? A trick to it? I've tried repair, I've tried the 32bit client, and I've verified there is ..

Latest News Blog

9:12 pm, June 16, 2019
The link to the forum discussion in the News Blog, "Removing Language Restrictions for EU World Linking", give a 'Permission Problem'.

Raising Skyscales- Feeding.

9:12 pm, June 16, 2019
Hello, I have gotten to the Point where I am to feed the Bably Hatchling food. I have all the toys and Lamp. I can interact with Skyscale. . .( wash, pet, Play ball) but FEEDING is broken. I get the tool bar. and It shows skyscale food in Slot 2 and only 1 treat in 3. But When I click it and get ..

mounts bug

9:12 pm, June 16, 2019
so i played for most of the day yesterday to get the skyscale so i had to use the mounts like crazzy. I ran into a number of mount bugs that are just a pain in the butt. 1) when summoning the mount spawning in the map not on the ground. 2) when i get the mount summoned with out geting in the map i c..

Runes of Revenant

9:12 pm, June 16, 2019
They give only +60 to concentration and expertise when it should be +78 to both

Game freezes during world boss runs

9:12 pm, June 16, 2019
Hello! The game freezes everytime there is a lot of people at some location doing world boss. I'm not even to able to close it via task manager since the screen is not redrawn. It happends everytime at location with many people, it's possible to do world bosses sometimes but nowadays is pretty 4 wor..

Forum link to Removing Language Restrictions for EU World Linking-discussion not working

9:12 pm, June 16, 2019
The link on this page takes me to a site with a disturbed smiley and tells me "Permission Problem You don't have permission to do that." Is the discussion not yet started?..

Storys crashing

9:12 pm, June 16, 2019
My personal story for my Norn Necromancer at level 70 keeps crashing after I get to the final cut scene. I tried playing Heart of Thorns story thinking it was just a bug with personal story but it happens in part one of Heart of Thorns also. Just starting playing the game again and I have no idea wh..

Fell into textures bug.

9:12 pm, June 16, 2019
Okay. I knew that revenant is a power class. It should have a lot of strength. But i didnt know that it can throw you into textures with downed skill 2. OvO I literally did nothing, just autoattack revenant as revenant. And then he used downed skill 2 and voila.

Chuka and Champawat IV Collection: Baby Book Recipes Potentially Bugged

9:12 pm, June 16, 2019
Unlocked Baby Book, but didn't receive recipes. Unlocked Tiger Training Guide without completing Baby Book, still no recipes. Can't seem to be able to complete Baby Book.

PvP Queue Bugged again

9:12 pm, June 16, 2019
As Title says Pvp Queue is bugged again, clicking on Ranked or Unranked does nothing and people cant join queues. I mean seriously the problem has been around for years, is it THAT hard to fit it ? Maybe it would be a better idea to fix existing issues with game modes than spitting out butterfly dra..

Low FPS since last patch.

11:12 am, June 15, 2019
Yesterday, about 16 hours ago, the game was running just fine. I took a break and when I returned, 4 hours later, a small patch came out. I updated and since then, my FPS, which normally is 30~70, depending on the area, is now at 6~13. I have tested multiple maps, and no matter how many players are..

Game Crashes Before Cutscenes

11:12 am, June 15, 2019
I'm just starting War Eternal. Immediately before the first cutscene in 'Dragonflight', my game crashes (this has happened with other cutscenes too, but maybe 1/20 times it's worked. The music is still there, but the screen freezes and doesn't trigger the cutscene. Once I click, the game becomes 'no..

Feature Request: Improve 32:9 Support by exposing Triple screen support

11:12 am, June 15, 2019
Recently i upgraded my triple screen setup to a single 32:9 monitor. GW2 has always had really nice support for triple screens and it would center (most of) the hud nicely on the center monitor as can be seen here: On a single 32:9 monitor this functionality is obviously missing, which causes the ..

This App Cant Run on Your PC

11:12 am, June 15, 2019
I think I fixed it with a bit of googling

Buying gems through PayPal

11:12 am, June 15, 2019
I tried buying gems using PayPal, but it constantly gives an error message. Their is enough money linked to PayPal tho

ArenaNet removed my support ticket

11:12 am, June 15, 2019
What is going on here? I created a ticket regarding restoring the login information on my original GW1 account (which is stolen because the email associated to the account is not mine) so I can link it with GW2. I first made a ticket about this issue 4 years ago and eventually gave up because when..

Ground-targetting issue with some world bosses

10:12 am, June 15, 2019
"AGAIN" (trademark Rytlock) For those of you who don't know, there's a pretty nice ground-targetting issue with some world bosses. You can even test and see it when the event isn't on. Who knows if it's happening in other places ? How come you break the most important feature of your product: the..

Minor Bug: Male Sylvari characters twitching when they sit in chairs in the world.

10:12 am, June 15, 2019
Me and a few friends were playing around last night and I made my male sylvari guardian sit down on chairs in Rurikton in Divinity's Reach. He began to twitch every few seconds and I got a pretty good kick out of it, and two more of my other friends got on their male sylvaris and sat down in differe..

Ranger : Gazel Pet charge attack not working

10:12 am, June 15, 2019
The title say it all . The Gazel pet Charge attack is often stuck behind an invisible wall interupting her and make it impossible to reach the enemy targeted. I have made a lot of test recently and it is still bugged and it make our pet really Unreliable 50% of the time it is using this skill (real..

Soulbeast skills stance

10:12 am, June 15, 2019
Shortened time of operation of all stance skills for allies and pets for example stance "One wolf Pack" works for me 12s. and 3s allies All skile stance differently writes differently works

Tribal armour tattoo texture is bugged on sylvari

10:12 am, June 15, 2019
In the image below, you can (hopefully) see the bugged textures mentioned. It's like this no matter the body type or colour, and its only like this for sylvari. Please, could we have it retextured? Its such a cool and unique skin, but I cant get my brain to stop noticing the issue..

Thiefs Dancing Dagger

10:12 am, June 15, 2019
It doesn't bounce on targets beyond 900 range, unlike any other bouncing skill in gw2.

BLT has Focus Misspelled

10:12 am, June 15, 2019
if you locate Weapons/Foci you will see focus items. whats the "Foci" ?

Ultra Shiny Bow: awful positioning on Charr!

10:12 am, June 15, 2019
The bow looks to be fixated on the back by its string, while the actual bow is floating in the air - it is positioned way up too high and to the right: Could you please correct that? Thank you...

Windows 10 Update wont Allow GW2 to Run Anymore

10:12 am, June 15, 2019
I updated windows this week and now Windows 10 tells me it cannot run the GW2 App and to contact the software publisher...I've had a support ticket in for 3-4 days with no answers at all. I've uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled three different times and it has not been fixed. Has anyone else had ..

Lost Aurora idle sparks after equipping new Vision trinket

10:12 am, June 15, 2019
I just finished my journey towards the Vision legendary trinket. Great! But when i equipped it, I noticed I lost the idle 'sparks' effect of Aurora. Can you please fix this? Aurora idle effect: Aurora + Vision Thanks a lot!..

GW1 Lag issue

11:12 pm, June 13, 2019
Not sure where to post this so i hope this is the correct part of the forum but this game has been extremely laggy for me for an entire month after the previous update. Ive ran all sorts of connection tests, ive restarted routers and access points and the little net performance indicator on the bot..

Merged: Support ticket response time?

11:12 pm, June 13, 2019
This discussion has been merged.

30 Fps System Requirements for the Latest Content (Meta Events Included. )

11:12 pm, June 13, 2019
Hello! I have been playing this game since relatively short time on my laptop. Most of the time it was nice but it also likes to stutter from-time-to-time despite the fact that I'm using nearly lowest display settings possible. In bigger events it likes to work below 20 Fps which makes it hard to ..

Update Stuck at 0kbps with files remaining 1

11:12 pm, June 13, 2019
Launcher doesn't update

New Mystic Forge Event for Volitile Magic

11:12 pm, June 13, 2019
It says +3 APs repeatable 5 times for 15 APs did it 16 times with all my magic got the bags but no APs. If it's supposed to give APs fix this please. Posted in the wrong forum sorry.

[Merged] Customer Support Ticket Response Times

11:12 pm, June 13, 2019
It's been over a week since I put in a ticket, waiting for a response. Has anyone else had long ticket wait times? Anet what's the average response time we can expect for a ticket?

Leaving the map in Black Citadel

10:12 pm, June 13, 2019
Not sure how to describe it, there's a gap between Canton Factorium and Hero's Canton by which you can leave the map. I'm including screenshots as a proof (btw I'm too stupid to understand how to upload image here, also my londonese is terrible)..

[BUG] Dragonfall: Ley-Infused Ghost Flayer and Unstable Magic Abilities

10:12 pm, June 13, 2019
After finishing the Dragonfall meta we get to fight the different Ley-Infused Champions for more reward chests. They use the mechanics that the normal bounties use, that's fine. However, the Ley-Infused Ghost Flayer seems to be broken for a few reasons: His breakbar lasts maybe two seconds at most..

Mounts and gliding around the pvp lobby arena

10:12 pm, June 13, 2019
The field preventing mount usage and gliding keeps appearing and disappearing around the waiting area perimeter around the pvp area and seems to change geometry every time you leave and come back as well as change geometry every time you ascend so high.

Ranger - Entangle bugged

10:12 pm, June 13, 2019
No sure of PVE but in WvW. As soon as i use this skill, i start getting the damage. I was trying to see what is causing this and found this video. Please fix. ..

Mystic Forge Event For Volitile Magic

10:12 pm, June 13, 2019
It says +3 APs repeatable 5 times for 15 APs did it 16 times with 16,000 of my magic got the bags but no APs. If it's supposed to give APs fix this please.

Colorful crystal essence

10:12 pm, June 13, 2019
As per the blog Qadim’s machinations are causing ripples outside the Mystic Forge, touching certain world bosses in Central Tyria with condensed ley energy. From June 11 to June 25, defeat these powerful enemies to mine colorful crystal essence. I am getting gold on world bosses that are on the ..

Raid rewards (Bags of Gear & Utility Backpacks) are missing

10:12 pm, June 13, 2019
Is this intentional or just a bug?

Tier 2 recipe not unlocking

10:12 pm, June 13, 2019
I have bought the recipe for Malumres and crafted it. My Legendary Crafting Masteries are all done. I am ready to move to Visiospei but the recipe won't unlock. I tried to get the recipe before I equipped the weapon and after. What am I missing?

World Boss + Ground Target reticules

10:12 pm, June 13, 2019
I saw (I think) a post about this in the GD section, but thought I would post it here. Last night / this morning, on several world bosses I found I was unable to place a ground target reticle underneath a World Boss. I saw this with Fire Elemental, Mark II Golemn and the Jungle Wyrm. In all 3 cas..

Destabilized Magic Nodes are bugged, please extend the event

10:12 pm, June 13, 2019
Apparently Destabilized Magic Nodes are bugged only for some people. I haven't been able to mine a single time from Shadow Behemoth or Great Jungle Wurm. The node just won't pop up, and apparently this also happens to a good chunk of the people doing the event. Can we have that fixed asap and mayb..

Asura Peerless infusion position

10:12 pm, June 13, 2019
Why is it that the peerless infusion is completely off centre on asura characters? I really like the effect but it sits almost 80% infront of my asura like an awkward bulb. It would be really nice if this was looked at and adjusted.

[Bug] Ley-Energy Nodes - Shadow Behemoth and Jungle Wurm seem to count as ONE single daily boss

10:12 pm, June 13, 2019
Hey, in case this thread is obsolete, just merge it with the other. I just didn't want this to be missed too easy. So I noticed that Shadow Behemoth and Great Jungle Wurm seem to be the only Bosses, where the Destabilize Magic Event Ley-Energy Nodes seem to be bugged for people. Whenever I loot one..

mystic forge/Volatile Magic is bugged

10:12 pm, June 13, 2019
i can confirm both me and my friend are in the same instance. we dont even see the same bar...hereand here...

Mystic Forge NPC disappear

10:12 pm, June 13, 2019
I cant find the mystic forge merchant in Armtice Bastion. Is it bugged ? it should have been beside the mystic forge, just like other vip pass.

Mystic Forge event ... more hyjinx?

10:12 pm, June 13, 2019
@ Anet devs: Are you guys certain this is working right this time? Nothing gets delivered, and the progress bar never reaches completion ... in fact, the more volatile magic we donate, the smaller and smaller the progress becomes. You folks really need to test this on a test server with between 10..

[Game-Bug] Key of Ahdashim - Cardinal Adina

10:12 pm, June 13, 2019
Hi Game-Support Team, with the recent release of the new raid we discovered "Invisible Hitboxes" on the boss platform of Cardinal Adina! On many edges of the pillar field are several invisible hitboxes causing ground-target-spells to go somewhere but where we want them to. Please check that out and..

Thaumanova Reactor-misplaced steam ogre

10:12 pm, June 13, 2019
It is possible to fly to the platform at the center of the Thaumanova Reactor where the event "Defeat the misplaced steam ogre" occurs using the SkyScale, bypassing the use of the Matrix Cube Key.

Target Unauthorized Seller?

11:12 am, June 12, 2019
Purchased gem cards from local target. Receipt said successful activation. Tried to activate them a day later codes are coming up no good. Sent in ticket and gm responds that this is from an unauthorized seller. Thought on the website it said that target was acceptable? Sent in pic of receipt as wel..

gem exchange tab - blank screen

11:12 am, June 12, 2019
I just traded gold to gems like an hour ago. It worked fine. Suddenly , now I can't . When I click on the tab for the gem exchange I just get a blank screen. No error message , no "working" or "loading" indication. And the gem store tab , and trading post tab work fine. I reloaded my game several ti..

Weird issue - anyone have any ideas?

11:12 am, June 12, 2019
Hi all! My guild tab wont work. i can click on it and press g, and it will depress like its been pressed. but... nothing happens... If i log out of my acount and log in with my husbands on the same pc, i can access it. but not mine. heres the issue... i am the only one with the highest rank in t..

Game keeps crashing

11:12 am, June 12, 2019
Recently my guild wars 2 started crashing when i would play for around 10-30min. I was wondering if i can get some help. This is the crash report. --> Crash System System Memory Process Memory Memory Category Usage (Inclusive) Memory Category Usage (Exclusive) DllList Game Context World Sta..

Support ticket response time?

11:12 am, June 12, 2019
Im trying to come back after 6 years. I still have my box and serial code but don't remember my characters name. I submitted a ticket 48 hours ago. What kind of response times should we expect? I only ask this because of multiple posts I've read where people have tried to get their acct back and su..

Map ping keybind.

11:12 am, June 12, 2019
Is there a way to change the Map Ping keybing to anything other than SHIFT + click? If so how does one do this?

Changing Passwords/Merging Account

11:12 am, June 12, 2019
Why does still have this archaic system for getting a password back? I was REALLY looking forward to playing this game with my husband but again we're stopped by the change password screen. He played pretty much back when it launched. He's got his game key, screenshots, knows his email and ..

Connect GW2 through VPN Proxy

11:12 am, June 12, 2019
Hi, is it possible to connect GW2 using a vpn proxy on a remote server ? If it's so, how this could be made ? I'm trying changing commands line switch with any success. Thx Regards

Missing Ley Line Node - A Bug, A Time Gate, Or Something Else?

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
After downloading the latest update I did four bosses in a row - The Fire Elemental, The Claw of Jormag, The Great Jungle Worm and then the Shadow Behemoth. The new ley line nodes showed up after the first three as expected. After the Shadow Behemoth though, some people got the node and others, inc..

Cant craft shiny weapon

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
I'm putting ley-line essence, charged core, elder wood and quartz crystals and the mystic toilet doesn't want the quartz or core! Can you edit update to specify charged quartz if it's that one? Retesting: take ley essence and only either wood or core with it not the four simultaneously.

Exchange gold to gems not working? I just lost 66g.

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
I just lost 33g twice while trying to buy 100 gems. Anyone noticed that bug?

Did ANet change something about the way ground targeting works?

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
It seems to be functioning differently. I noticed it at Mark II and some other people have mentioned in map chat that it seems to work differently now. What was changed exactly?

HOT Last boss battle Hearts and Minds crashes all the time

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
Hi, Probably one of the most frustrating boss fights, the most buggy boss fight I have ever had the displeasure of playing. I have nearly put my fist through my monitor. The last boss battle in HOT bugs out on me EVERY TIME!! I choose my NPC's, start the fight fine. Its only after the fight that..

Aurora gives Coalescence when equipped. Unequipped, it gives Aur/Vision. None of my clones match me.

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
I even put all my trinkets in the bank. I still have the legendary effect of aur/vis and my clones dont. This is incredibly frustrating for pvp.

Wrathful Spirit Trait

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
Doesn't seem to be giving retaliation to allies all while wiki says it should...

War Eternal Achievement Progress?

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
According to the little segmented meter at the top of the UI for the War Eternal achievement overall progress, there's 18 which need to be fulfilled for the Corsair Boot Box reward. I've completed 55 total and still only 16 of the required 18. It's unlikely I'll get the reward as my ping is shockin..

Transferred a week ago from GoM to HoD

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
Hello. About a week ago (so it should be Sunday 2nd of June or Monday 3rd of June depending on where you're from), I transferred from Gate of Madness server to Henge of Denravi server. I play World vs. World a lot and I WAS told that during that match, I would not receive any pips for the Wood Chest..

Memory Address ffffffff at fffffffff could not be read

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
Any ETA on the memory leak bug affecting the new Domain of Istan map? I get this from time to time with a "serious error has occured" pop up report. It usually says memory address "FFFFFFFF to FFFFFFFF" could not be read and asks me to send a report... done that about 20x in the last few days and ..

jackal heart

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
Looking back on this, it was an issue in 2018 and appears to be back? Pouncing dust devlis for the jackal heart is not working. Helping the rune forgers also yields nothing

Condensed Ley-Energy Nodes not appearing

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
For the next two weeks, we have an event that will allow us to mine a node daily by each world boss.... Just now i killed the Shadow Behemoth, no node in sight anywhere in the swamp. First time killing boss today, all other bosses since update have been fine (for me)- however, it seems some people..


10:12 am, June 12, 2019
Hey, when I was collecting LW4 currency from specyfic maps for my skyscale, I've noticed that, when your INVENTORY IS FULL and you bought - for example 5 x Branded Mass - at Renown Heart NPC, you WONT GET ANY AND YOU LOOSE YOUR KARMA AND DAILY ABILITY (per character) TO BUY THOUSE. In my opinion whe..

LI to LD exchange is bugged

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
I have tried to exchange some LI to LD in the raid seller and after this patch the option has dissappeared. I could see the option before the patch and I can't now, and of course I haven't exchanged yet the 168 LI to LD. Before the patch LI had to be in your inventory to see the option, but now..

Getting nothing but of the air suffixed rares during world bosses

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
I am not sure what has happened but since logging in after reset today- Jun 11, 2019, every rare item I loot that is not a "piece of unidentified gear" has the "of the air" suffix. There were at least ten in a row before I stopped for the evening I have not tested the unidentified rare gear to see i..

Glyph of Alchemy giving wrong material type?

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
So I gather from a tree that would normally give green wood logs.. I get soft wood logs instead. This is normal from my understanding with this glyph. Same thing with Elder wood, I get Ancient wood logs instead. However when I gather from ore nodes. I get Soft wood logs from copper, and seasoned..

Rune of the Pack not affecting animal companions when initiating combat using an Engage skill

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
I'm trying it out in a new build, and I've noticed that it doesn't seem to affect the animal companion when you land the first blow off things like the raptor and gryphon. I've not tested the skyscale but I suspect that it's fine due to the mechanics. Taking an educated guess, I think it's because t..

New infusion raid Problem of proportion with races (charr)

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
Hello, It's so strange the size of this infusion with a charr isn't normal. Actually it's too small compare to other races could you update this please ? We don't see the effects ... just a little circle shiny.

Incosistencies with Aurora and Visions effects.

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
Hi, I finished crafting Vision last week and the way it was fo me until the most recent patch was: Vision and Aurora both shared a visual effect when equipped alone, when equipped together they had a new effect, giving the orbs a different color and making them behave like "lavalamp balls" After th..

Shatterer Mortar Deadzone

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
Before the 06/11/19 update, I was able to hit the Shatterer's front right foot easily with the mortars provided at Lowland Burns Waypoint. After downloading the update, I noticed I was no longer able to hit this zone or the relative area in front of the Shatterer. I think there's a new invisible w..

Currency exchange

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
I bought some gems hoping to convert them to gold so I can finish getting my sky scale, but for some reason when I go to the currency exchange it is totally blank. I don't know if this is happening to anyone else or if there is a way to fix it.

Mark II Golem world boss

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
Ground targeting is messed up pretty bad during his fight. It wont go onto him, its pushed back a good bit.

Alchemist gathering tools not upgrading materials

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
Alchemist gathering tools (bought from gathering tools vendor) are not converting ANY materials harvested, regardless of tiers. I've tested this over 30 strikes of Elder Wood, 20 strikes of Mithril, an assortment of Green and Hardened saplings, and some at various tiers plants. EDIT: Major bug foun..

PvP Match Results stuck on screen. Cant play

10:12 am, June 12, 2019
Around 15-20 minutes ago, my duo queu for unranked popped and we accepted. When the map results picked the map, it never left the screen and we never went into the match. Seems I'm stuck with this as it is on all characters. Have attempted relogging. Attached screenshot. My duo-queue friend is also ..

Optimization Issues? Ridiculously Long Loading Screens? Please fix this!

11:12 pm, June 10, 2019
Before anyone asks, I've tried all the common troubleshooting methods, turning down the resolution, deleting the cache or local.dat, etc. etc. Furthermore, I play other MMORPG's: World of Warcraft, BDO, ESO, etc. and I have ZERO issues with loading screens or zoning into instances. This is without ..

Box set CD key for existing online account?

11:12 pm, June 10, 2019
Can I buy the physical HoT box with the CD key inside and use it to upgrade my existing online account?

Autoloot is not working

10:12 pm, June 10, 2019
Even though I have Autopick and Quick Interact enabled in settings, I still get popup modal to Accept every award. Am I missing something in Settings or somewhere or this is bug? Capture.png ..

Engineer Bugs - PvE, PvP, and WvW

10:12 pm, June 10, 2019
I've mentioned this before, but since it was not addressed properly in the intervening months (i.e., it was not fixed) I've decided to post again. Rune of Resistance currently does not grant players the "Resistance" boon when Elixir X is used. Additionally, on the Holosmith elite specialization, wh..

[BUG] Cannot Queue for Unranked or Ranked

10:12 pm, June 10, 2019
Seems to be random, but I am getting bugged where I cannot queue for either ranked or unranked. I will click the button and nothing happens. Only fix I have is send a ticket and wait for it to be resolved, I have tried deleting the .dat and the temp cache file to no avail. I even did a client repair..

Auroras effects disappear?

10:12 pm, June 10, 2019
I have noticed that I have to re-equip aurora multiple times to get the effects to show since the last patch. It's frustrating that if you want to see the effects, you now have to take it off and re-equip it. Anyone else dealing with this? Please look into this and fix it!

Servers down? Edit:back up, only took 2 mins ^^

10:12 pm, June 10, 2019
Crashed in WvW and now i cant re log

Issues with resource exhaustion on Win10 PC, memory leak?

11:12 am, June 9, 2019
For the past year or so I've had zero issues playing GW2 with decent FPS even in zergs. When everyone is talking about the lag they are having during events, I have none. Recently tho, I'd say the past few months, I've been getting CTD during heavy zerg meta events. I go to event viewer and it's be..

Guardian: Virtue of Justice - inspired virtue not activating.

10:12 am, June 9, 2019
inspired virtue should give me Might if i activate Virtue of justice however this does not work.

Reaper Shroud Transformation bug

10:12 am, June 9, 2019
Transformed out of Reaper Shroud but still consumes lifeforce. No Access to any skills.

Lake Doric (Defeat the massive earth elemental and stop the Harathi High Sage)

10:12 am, June 9, 2019
This event is bugged and it won't complete, nor will it reset on its own (it's been hours since the High Sage was killed). The only way for this event to reset is if Lake Doric fills up with enough people to start a new IP instance, which is unlikely because of the low popularity of this map, or if..

Raven mantle shoulder skin from gemstore applies the phospholuminescent infusion effect on it

10:12 am, June 9, 2019
Hello Bought the Raven mantle shoulder skin from the gemstore today and it seems if you have the phospholuminescent infusion equipped the shoulder skin gets the effect aswell. Normally the effect would only affect your skin and hair and not your items but the shoulders get it also, see screenshot h..

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Guild Wars 2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by ArenaNet and published by NCsoft. Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is the first expansion for Guild Wars 2. Founded on the idea that the journey is the goal, the Heart of Thorns expansion continues the Guild Wars 2 tradition of challenging the conventions of MMOs to fulfill the promise of what online worlds should be.



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