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Review: Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition - Reworked to perfection - Gaming Boulevard

Gaming Boulevard wrote a review of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition explaining why it's reworked to perfection.

2:00 pm, May 27, 2020

Take-Two SEC filing hints at Grand Theft Auto 6 in 2023

Take-Two is gearing up for a massive increase in marketing expenses in FY2024.

2:00 pm, May 27, 2020

New Microsoft Flight Simulator alpha gameplay video shows incredible next-gen graphics

DSOGaming writes: "We've already showcased how stunning Microsoft Flight Simulator looks via a number of screenshots. However, we are certain that most of you would like to see it in action."

2:00 pm, May 27, 2020

PS4 System Firmware Update 7.51 Released

From PSU: "PS4 system firmware update 7.51 has now been released for the console and is available for download immediately. This latest PlayStation 4 system update is a seemingly small one that only i..

2:00 pm, May 27, 2020

Maneater Review // WellPlayed

Kieron from WellPlayed writes: "A simplistic and repetitive, but appreciably cathartic shark-em-up that would be the perfect weekend blast if it wasn't so frustratingly undercooked"

2:00 pm, May 27, 2020

Predaror Hunting Grounds Patch Notes 1.08

New update for Predator Hunting g

2:00 pm, May 27, 2020

Review: Xenoblade Chronicles - Definitive Edition is polished to perfection (VGC)

For returning fans its a love letter to one of the best JRPGs of the last 20 years, and for newcomers, the start of that love affair.

2:00 pm, May 27, 2020

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Review | Gamereactor

GR writes: "Despite the disappointment of the expansion, we still think Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is one of the top exclusives to land on Switch."

2:00 pm, May 27, 2020

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition review | GodisaGeek

Although a few more QoL improvements might have been nice, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is nothing short of spectacular.

2:00 pm, May 27, 2020

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Review

This respected hardcore JRPG finally comes to a platform worthy of its excellence.

2:00 pm, May 27, 2020

Star Citizen Players Steal AI-Only Military Fighter F8 Lightning for First Illegal Joyride

Star Citizen is a sandbox game, and one of the best aspects of sandbox games is that stuff happens that wasn't predicted by the developers.

1:33 pm, May 27, 2020

Fallout 76 Fasnacht Parade Event - When Does It Begin and End?

From GameWatcher: "Normally an event is held on schedule, and the Fallout 76 Fasnacht Parade Event was expected to be live between May 25th and June 2nd. Unfortunately, an issue discovered after the e..

1:33 pm, May 27, 2020

Remedy Unannounced Project Spotted on Epic Store Database

While the studio hasn't announced anything so far, this might hint that a reveal/announcement is incoming soon for this Remedy unannounced project.

1:33 pm, May 27, 2020

Can This Paper Star Fox Game Be a Real Thing? Please?

Someone has created a fan-made trailer that showcases the potential of a Paper Star Fox game on Switch and it's incredible.

1:33 pm, May 27, 2020

Xbox Series X is a powerhouse but videos don't do it justice, says Xbox boss

Xbox Series X isnt capable of wowing gamers through video alone, as one of the most defining features of next-gen will be how games feel, not just how they look.

1:33 pm, May 27, 2020

Zero Zero Zero Zero review - ChristCenteredGamer

CCG Writes - "Zero Zero Zero Zero doesnt have much in regard to its plot or story (the only given elements are that youre a western gunman looking for coins and an exit). Its simplicity is highlighted..

1:33 pm, May 27, 2020

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Review - One of Nintendo's Best JRPGs | COGconnected

COG writes: Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is a beautiful remake that rightfully earns its place as one of the best JRPGs Nintendo has ever released. It's a compelling and unique adventure t..

1:33 pm, May 27, 2020

Minecraft Dungeons review hours of fun for locked-down families - The Guardian

From The Guardian: "This retro-tinged hack-and-slash spinoff has plenty of Mojang character and humour not to mention baby zombies and charming references to the original Minecraft"

1:33 pm, May 27, 2020

RetroMania Wrestling Getting More Content Added, Asks Fans for Submissions

Carl Williams writes, "Retrosoft Studios are planning to add more content to RetroMania Wrestling. This is no surprise to those that have followed this games development like we have. If WWE 2K20 is l..

12:33 pm, May 27, 2020

The strategy/management game Intergalactic Transfer Station has just been announced for PC

Games Operators and OverPowered Team are today very proud and happy to announce that their space-themed strategy/management game "Intergalactic Transfer Station" is coming to PC via Steam in Q3 2021.

12:33 pm, May 27, 2020

Namco, Please Bring Back Pac-Man World

The Pac-Man World series has been completely overlooked in recent years, it's time to bring the series back.

12:33 pm, May 27, 2020

Minecraft Dungeons: A Shining Emerald or Lump of Coal? - Generation Xbox

26th May 2020 marks the day a lot of us Minecraft fans have been waiting for - but is Minecraft Dungeons a shining emerald or just a lump of coal?

12:33 pm, May 27, 2020

Maneater - Review | Sirus Gaming

Sirus Gaming: "So here are the things you need to know to enjoy Maneater: turn off your brain, do not be picky with your food, and just evolve into the Mega Shark."

12:33 pm, May 27, 2020

If Found PC Review - Gamespot

Through its vivid sketchbook art style and sharp writing, If Found gives a powerful, affecting story about empathy and acceptance as a young adult.

12:33 pm, May 27, 2020

Here are the official PC system requirements for Command & Conquer Remastered Collection

Electronic Arts has revealed the official PC system requirements for Command & Conquer Remastered Collection.

12:33 pm, May 27, 2020

Analyst Suggests GTA 6 Could Be Released Between 2023 and 2024

Take-Two's committed marketing spend could point to a GTA release - but not necessarily.

12:00 pm, May 27, 2020

New beautiful screenshots released for the upcoming Dark Souls 2 Graphics Lighting Overhaul Mod

3D lighting artist and graphics programmer, Stayd, has shared a new set of beautiful screenshots from the upcoming graphics overhaul mod for Dark Souls 2.

11:33 am, May 27, 2020

NVIDIA, AMD and Intel will talk about their next-generation GPUs and APUs in August 2020

DSOGaming writes: "It appears that NVIDIA, Intel and AMD will officially reveal their next-generation GPUs and APUs in August 2020. This information comes straight from Hot Chips' 2020 schedule. ..

11:33 am, May 27, 2020

Teaser Leak Suggests Star Wars Battlefront 2 Is June's Second PS Plus Game

Call of Duty: WWII might be joined by Star Wars Battlefront II in June's PS Plus lineup.

11:00 am, May 27, 2020

Kingdom Hearts TV Show Reportedly Coming to Disney+

A Kingdom Hearts animated TV show is reportedly in development for Disney's streaming service.

11:00 am, May 27, 2020

Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay PC 4K Max Settings Offline SOLO Play

Cg writes: Here is a quick look at the opening moments of Minecraft Dungeons on PC using the Xbox Game Pass for PC. Were running the game at 4K resolution using max settings with an RTX 2080 Ti at the..

10:00 am, May 27, 2020

The Taller I Grow Review | TheXboxHub

Gareth writes - "The Taller I Grow is a game that everyone should have a go at. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this neat, well-designed platform puzzler, and if you've got a mind that is capable of..

10:00 am, May 27, 2020

Dead by Daylight Interview | A Deeper Look Inside the Silent Hill Expansion

Prima Games spoke with the creative director for Dead by Daylight to talk about all things Silent Hill.

9:33 am, May 27, 2020

Wolf & Pigs: Out for Vengeance - Skewed 'n Reviewed

Michael at Skewed and Reviewed has posted a positive review for the new game based on the classic tale. He liked the visuals and the fun of the game but noted how the V.R. aspects made managing parts ..

9:00 am, May 27, 2020

BioShock: The Collection's physical version requires download of at least 31GB

2K has several ports planned for release on Switch this month, including BioShock: The Collection.

9:00 am, May 27, 2020

Switch vs 3DS in Japan VGChartz Gap Charts April 2020

April 2020 is the 38th month that the Nintendo Switch has been available for in Japan. During the latest month, the Switch closed the gap to the 3DS by 114,766 units. In the last 12 months, the Switch..

9:00 am, May 27, 2020

Bravely Default, The JRPG Love Letter

With Bravely Default II releasing this year, its time to re-open the love letter presented to us by Team Asano.

9:00 am, May 27, 2020

Review: Xenoblade Chronicles X | Link-Cable

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "A massive game that pushed the Wii U console to its limit, this is a title that may always be overshadowed when it comes to the mainline Xenoblade games but deserves r..

9:00 am, May 27, 2020

Official PlayStation Magazine For June To Feature 38 PS5 Games - PlayStation Universe

38 next-generation titles are set to be unveiled in the Offical PlayStation Magainze in their June issue seemingly confirming a June event.

8:33 am, May 27, 2020

Xbox Series X's The Ascent Looks Like Diablo Meets Judge Dredd | IGN

Cyberpunk worlds are all the rage right now, but The Ascent aims to set itself apart from that crowd.

8:33 am, May 27, 2020

Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 Review - Gaming Respawn

Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 is a pro-wrestling management game by Grey Dog Software out now on PC. Mike Fitzgerald reviews it here.

7:33 am, May 27, 2020

PS Plus June 2020 Games Lineup Confirmed With Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be reportedly the second free PS Plus game to available for all PS+ subscribers in June. This is according to an official ad.

7:33 am, May 27, 2020

League of Legends patch 10.11 ADC champion tier list

Patch 10.11 will include some very big changes which could affect the current meta. The highlight of the patch will certainly be the long-awaited AD carry buffs.

7:00 am, May 27, 2020

'Maneater' Review: A Shallow RPG That's Deeply Entertaining | The Spirit of Gaming

Maneater may suffer from some shallow moments, but they're not enough to take away from the overall experience of chomping prey as a vengeful bull shark.

7:00 am, May 27, 2020

Gameplay From 3 Cancelled Arkane Studios Games Shown In New Noclip Documentary

Danny O'Dwyer, formerly of GameSpot, released a documentary on developer Arkane Studios today, through their Patreon-supported company, Noclip. Along with their employees and supported by 4,197 patron..

6:33 am, May 27, 2020

Next-Gen Consoles Run the Swarm Engine 'Amazingly', Could Render a Lot More Than WWZ's 1K Zombies

Saber CEO Matthew Karch said that the studio's Swarm Engine runs 'amazing' on next-gen consoles and could render a lot more than World War Z's simultaneous 1K zombies. He also promised the studio wil..

6:00 am, May 27, 2020

Phantasy Star Online 2 Reveals Oracle Celebrations AC Scratch Collection With New Trailer

Spring is a time of new beginnings, and the newest AC Scratch, Oracle Celebrations, honors that with ceremonial colors and ornate accents. Commencing on May 27th.

6:00 am, May 27, 2020

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Runs at a Dynamic Resolution of 504p-720p When Docked

Its clear even at first glance that Monolith Soft have made some significant visual improvements to Xenoblade Chronicles in its upcoming Definitive Edition release, but now gamers have some clearer de..

6:00 am, May 27, 2020

Mortal Kombat 11: How to Perform Every Friendship Finisher

Finish your opponents in a brand new way as part of Mortal Kombat 11's new Aftermath update.

4:30 am, May 27, 2020

Resolutiion (NS) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Evan Norris: "After spending only a little time with Resolutiion, a 2D top-down action-adventure game designed by Monolith of Minds, it's easy to see why publisher Deck13 decided to shine a..

4:00 am, May 27, 2020

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