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Bethesdas E3 2018 Briefing Wont Be Super Long

Eddie Makuch
E3 2018 is coming up very soon. A big part of the annual event are the press briefings from the industry's biggest companies where games are announced and shown off. Depending on where you live and what you're up to, the schedule and the length of each show may be important to you. We've already rou..

Allegedly Leaked Forza Horizon 4 Hong Kong Images Arent from Forza Horizon 4 at All
With the storm of mostly false pre-E3 rumors, some websites bounced around artwork allegedly from Forza Horizon 4. More careful analysis points elsewhere.

Battlefield V, Gaming News, E3 Rumors, Possible Nintendo Issues And More On A New Skewedcast
This week Gareth, Justin, and Michael at Skewed and Reviewed look at the recent Rage 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII reveals. They talk about the pending Battlefield V reveal and discuss if Nintendo is facing an issue with demand and a wave of AAA exclusives coming to PlayStation. Prey rumor 4:..

Traffic Cop VR Announced + Screens + Trailer
Neocrisis - Traffic Cop VR has been officially announced today. Brian Bobik in collaboration with Waden Kane Game Studios brings the 1950s to VR in a comical and wacky fashion. As a rookie cop, you must prove yourself at the city's busiest intersection with unpredictable drivers and, also, by moving..

Why Persona and Yakuza Offer Incredible Video Game Tourism

Hope Corrigan
Japan is one of my favourite places to go on holiday. I’ve been twice and there’s just something magical about it that is hard to quantify. I’m not sure if it’s because so much of my childhood was defined by Japanese games and media or if it’s the culture shock of a country that’s so ver..

Deadpool 2 Totally Ruins X-Mens Already Ludicrous Movie Timeline

Chris E. Hayner
Is there anything more difficult to make sense of in movies than the X-Men film franchise? Whether it's the initial trilogy, the three prequels that followed and completely changed the established timeline, or the three Wolverine spin-offs that are set all over the place, the X-Men movies are... a l..

Fortnite Season 4 Week 4 Challenges Leaked
Yet again, this week's Fortnite challenges have been leaked online, and this week it seems Epic Games will be testing their players' skills!

Laser League Review | The PlayStation Brahs
Laser League takes one-part Tron, two-parts online arcade multiplayer, and mixes it together to make one helluva addicting game.

Serial Cleaner Nintendo Switch review - A very good 70s styled 2D action/stealth game - TGG
"iFun4All S.A. has managed to create a really good and entertaning 70s styled 2D action/stealth game with "Serial Cleaner". Well, at least that's the case on the Nintendo Switch, and this is the reason why" - P Albert, TGG.

PS4 and Switch box arts revealed for All-Star Fruit Racing
The box arts have been revealed for All-Star Fruit Racing.

Mild suggestive themes and more detailed for 7scarlet - Game Idealist
The Entertainment Software Rating Board has revealed its rating summary for 7scarlet.

Lust For Darkness Leaves Players Lusting for Better - OnlySP
Lust For Darkness is a hyper-sexual horror game featuring sex-crazed cults and different dimensions. Between these focal points and design references drawn from the Cthulhu Mythos, the project seems to be inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. Unlike many similar games, Lust for Darkness casts the player into ..

Overwatch – Trace & Bake cinematic

Tracer’s baking up something extra special to celebrate two years of playing Overwatch with YOU in this cheeky stop-motion video. Continue reading.....

IGN Happy Hour: City of Brass Special

Cam Shea
Well, that could have been awkward. IGN recently gave the new Uppercut Games title City of Brass a less than glowing review, but that actually made this episode of IGN Happy Hour all the more interesting. IGN's Cam Shea and Dan Crowd were joined in the studio by Uppercut Games' Andrew James and Ed O..

Resident Evil 7 Confirmed For Switch In Japan As A Streaming-Only Game

Eddie Makuch
Resident Evil 7 is on the way to Nintendo Switch. Capcom confirmed today that a "Cloud Version" of the horror game is headed to Nintendo's hybrid system in Japan on May 24.According to Nintendo Everything, it's called the Cloud Version because the game plays via the cloud, with a required download o..

What Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Learned from More Competitive Games
Modern shooters have moved on, and so has their audience. Elements of PC-specific games that were once considered too complex for the mainstream, like extensive knowledge of weapons or additional character abilities, have become accepted as important skills in some of the worlds most popular games. ..

5 Good Old Games That Need A Remastered Version
Remembering the past is fun, isn't it? Most of us love revisiting our old memories that happened in our lives that made us who we are right now. Well, the gaming industry is not new to a nostalgia event. There are some game developers who revived their old games by making a remastered version of it..

New Video Game Releases for the Week of 5-20-18
EB: While Dark Souls Remastered and PixelJunk Monsters 2 both come out Friday, theres one elephant that aims to occupy Fridays proverbial room: Detroit: Become Human.

State of Decay 2: Where To Find Fuel On The Map
Unlike the precious entry in the series, cars in State of Decay 2 actually require fuel to run. No longer can you magically make ten different runs with a vehicle on the very same tank of gas, and that adds another layer of challenge to the gameplay.

See GO1 follow his Canada Cup Masters Series victories with some Dragon Ball Z and One Punch Man karaoke!

Zavian "mushin_Z" Sildra
GO1 demonstrates his fighting spirit, through song! After decisive Dragon Ball FighterZ victories over Teemo in the FT10 exhibition match and EG|NYChrisG in the DBFZ grand finals at Canada Cup Masters Series 2018, CO|GO1 followed up with a bit of fun. As promised by a stretch goal being met on the ..