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How some major changes and a buff can turn Symmetra into one of Overwatchs most important heroes
There are a few ways Blizzard can improve her healing and Support credentials. Here's how.

From Final Fantasy 12 to Uncharted 3: exploring gamings Orientalist fantasies
Over the last couple of months I've been falling in love all over again with Final Fantasy XII. I know I'm late to the Zodiac Age party, but I've been marvelling at how much this game has come into its own since its original release back in 2006. Certainly the remaster's smoothing-off of the origina..

GameEnthus Podcast ep338: Collegiate Balloons or Bowled Under
This week Lauren(@iamlaurenp) from Nerds of Prey/(@nerdsofpreycast) joins Tiny(@Tiny415), Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) to talk about: roadtrip, Nailed it, The Office, Nerds of Prey, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, The Shape of Water, Big Little Lies, The Modern Mercenary: Private Armies and ..

The Father, Joseph Seed Interview - Hope County Stories
On the last episode of Hope County Stories, the Gamertag Radio crew ran into trouble after interviewing Nick Rye. Victims of an apparent kidnapping at the hands of Joseph Seed and his followers from the Project at Eden's Gate, they speak to "The Father" about his beliefs, his reasonings behind "Eden..

Sea of Thieves Review (PC/Xbox One) - GearNuke
Sea of Thieves offers a lackluster voyage past the first few hours, and feels incomplete. However, there is some fun to be had when the game works well as a social sandbox. Theres plenty of unrealized potential here, as its evident that the foundation is there for Rare to build upon in the months to..

Sea of Thieves Hands-On Impressions - Gamertag Radio
An hour roundtable discussion about Rare's Sea of Thieves for Xbox One and PC on Gamertag Radio.

Nintendo Reveals 10 Best-Selling Switch Indie Games
Indies on Switch have been a great success by any metric, what with some studios quite literally being saved by the platform. Now, just after yesterdays Nindie Spring Showcase, Nintendo has released a list of the ten best-selling games on the platforms.

Replay system and live recording are finally coming to Fortnite
As Fortnite continues to grow in popularity, more features are coming to improve the overall experience. Get ready Fortnite players, a new replay system and the ability to live record are finally coming to the franchise.

How will Super Smash Bros. be on Nintendo Switch?
The announcement of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch has left us with a sea of doubts. Will it be completely new or could we find another version renewed, adapted from Wii U? The answer is not clear, but we are going to try to shed some light on all this, putting together the available data wit..

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner MRS Release Window - Electric Bento
Konami has announced that the upcoming remaster Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner MRS will launch later this year in September.

Murderous Pursuits Launches on Steam on April 26th, Announces Closed Beta
Blazing Griffin is excited to announce that PC-exclusive multiplayer stealth-em-up, Murderous Pursuits, lavishly launches on Steam on April 26th, 2018.

Pocket Knights 2 - Ride-able Pets?
New videos from Pitaya Network.

Dragon Age 4 Delayed Internally Following BioWare Restructuring
During a recent talk at GDC 2018, Dragon Age's Creative Director Mike Laidlaw reveals that the fourth installment was delayed due to restructuring within BioWare.

Top 25 Best Open World Android Games 2016
Here are the top 25 open world video games on the Android platform for 2016.

Best PlayStation 4 Decals 2018
The best PS4 and PS4 Pro decal skins of 2018.

MLB: The Show 18 Review | We Got This Covered
MLB: The Show 18 creates the best video game baseball experience ever, and new additions and tweaks to old game modes make this a baseball lovers dream from first pitch to last out.

Thaiger Uppercut 2018 streaming live from Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand’s largest yearly fighting game event is this weekend! Thaiger Uppercut 2018 in Bangkok is a stop in the Capcom Pro Tour (as a Ranking Event) and the Tekken World Tour (Challenger Tournament). Tournament Games Main Games Dragon Ball FighterZ The King of Fighters XIV Street Fighter V Arcade..

[Gaming Evolution] Blasters of the Universe Review
Blasters of the Universe is the first of its kind, bringing the bullet hell genre into first person VR. Intense gameplay is heavily reliant on physical movement, requiring the player to duck, dodge, twist, turn, and maneuver their way through tons of enemies and hundreds of bullets.

Esports arena at Luxor expected to be a game changer
The Luxor will open a brand new state-of-the-art esports arena. The success or failure of the Esports Arena could help shape the future of the gaming industry..

Should you install an SSD in your PlayStation 4?
Are you thinking about getting a new SSD for your PlayStation 4? You might want to take a look here before you do.