Clash Royale Top Rated Deck List


Here is the top rated decks for June 2016.

#5 - The Barb Deck

This is a bit of a classic barb deck, good for fairly low arenas as most of the cards can be picked up early in game. You can stack on the Barb push with this one, using the barb hut and the barbarians to push with wizard coming up the rear.

Average Elixir Cost 4.3.

#4 - Silent_Avenger's Hog Freeze Deck

One of the classic Hog + Freeze decks. With enough crowd control to keep your defenses high while finding the right moment to send in the hog + freeze to get the extra hits on those towers. 

Average Elixir Cost 4.0

#3 - Tower Push

This deck is set for knowing all the counters to cards. If you can efficiently counter your enemies, then this deck can be very successful. Use prince and Hog Rider to split push on towers late game.

Average Elixir Cost 3.8

#2 - Benzo's Arena 4 Deck

This is a deck that I have been using recently and have been having a ton of success with it. This deck is about consistent pressure by the Goblin Hut and making great elixir trades. This is more of a reactionary deck. I focus on stopping their threats, looking for mistakes (such as missing with arrows or playing minion horde in front of my Baby Dragon) and capitalizing on good trades. Barbs are used mostly for defense, but if I see an opening or they survive and I know my enemy is low on elixir, I'll use them to push with spear goblins and hold arrows for offense. Prince is your heavy hitter here. Him and musketeer can be used to take down a tower in seconds if left alone. I always start out with either a Goblin hut behind my tower but next to my king tower (if they arrow or fireball it, it might wake my King up and adds to defense.). If I don't get my Goblin hut, then spear goblins in the corner to cycle cards. Once my enemy reacts to either, I push a Prince into the opposite lane. A lot of the time they will drop something that can be countered by a musketeer behind the tower they are pushing and leaves my Prince to take out their tower. Later on, I will start placing Goblin huts in front of my king tower to draw hog riders and pekkas and everything else. Save arrows for goblin barrells and if hordes or other mass troops make it past the bridge. I only use arrows offensively if they continue to drop skeletons on my prince. But I fire em as soon as I place my Prince. When it hits, you get a free tower. But this deck is all about making smart trades and overwhelming the enemy in the final minute. Expect a lot of 1-0 wins. If I take an enemy tower early with my Prince, I mostly save everything for defense and win that way. Good luck!

Average Elixir Cost 4.1

#1 - Power Deck

If you play it right this can be a very effective deck. At the start play heavy defence and when enough troops build up launch an offensive you should be able to take out a tower in one good sweep. Then repeat the process.

Average Elixir Cost 4.8


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Clash Royale Top Rated Deck List

Here is the top rated decks for June 2016. #5 - The Barb Deck This is a bit of a classic barb deck, good for fairly low arenas as most o..

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