Studio Wildcard Launched ARK: Survival Evolved Love Evolved 3 Event on Steam

Studio Wildcard has initiated the ARK Survival Evolved "Love Evolved 3" event. The event will last from Wednesday, February 9 to Wednesday, February 16.

6:20 am, February 12, 2022

ARK: Survival Evolved mod Lost Island now official map, Winter Wonderland returns

In addition to the incredible new Lost Island map, Raptor Claus returns for the Winter Wonderland event.

12:20 am, December 16, 2021

Ark: Survival Evolved Turkey Trial 5 Event now live

Studio Wildcard has announced the return of one of Ark: Survival Evolveds most enjoyable events.

6:20 pm, November 25, 2021

ARK Summer Bash event now live in ARK: Survival Evolved

The third annual ARK Summer Bash event is underway in ARK: Survival Evolved. Its just in time for the extended Fourth of July holiday weekend.

5:20 pm, July 4, 2021

10 Games Like Ark: Survival Evolved You Should Check Out

If you want a survival lark with games like Ark: Survival Evolved, there are plenty of titles that feature dangers and dinosaurs.

5:20 pm, May 1, 2021

Ark Survival Evolved Has Some Stellar Visual Boosts on Xbox Series X | Gamerheadquarters

Taking a look at Ark: Survival Evolved Xbox Series X where the game is Optimized with many great improvements to the overall experience and some impressive boosts in visual quality.

6:20 am, November 14, 2020

ARK: Survival Evolved free weekend starts today, TLC Pass #3 drops on Saturday

Get in on some free dino action this weekend. ARK: Survival Evolved is free to play on Steam starting today. The timing of the free weekend is good too. Starting on Saturday, the highly anticipated TL..

12:20 am, November 7, 2020

ARK: Survival Evolved gets major Xbox Series X enhancements

ARK: Survival Evolved is coming to Xbox Series X with enhancements.

6:20 pm, November 5, 2020

ARK: Survival Evolved Fear Evolved in-game event starts today

The fourth annual Fear Evolved in-game event kicks off today in ARK: Survival Evolved. The Halloween-themed event returns with DodoRex, DodoWyvern, spooky chibis, and more.

11:20 pm, October 24, 2020

Snake Pass and Ark: Survival Evolved Free To Keep Today

It seems like every day now, there's at least one game out there that is being given away for free, not that this is a thing to complain about.

10:33 am, June 14, 2020