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The fate of a decaying City is in your hands. Every choice matters. Discover the bold sequel to a best-selling open-world phenomenon. more

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Why Pathfinder: Kingmaker Turned To Veteran Storyteller Of Star Wars KOTOR And Fallout

5:10 pm, September 23, 2018
Pathfinder is a household name for those familiar with world of role-playing games, but the uninitiated should know that the franchise has been a marvel in the tabletop space. With Pathfinder: Kingmaker, the series makes its video game debut--it's based on the Kingmaker module using Dungeons and Dr..

Interview Feature: Dying Light 2 Still Has a lot More Information to be Revealed

3:12 pm, September 18, 2018
AusGamers spoke with Techland's Lead Game Designer for Dying Light 2, Tymon Smektaa, who balked at questions about driving and dynamic weather while also hinting a survival mode could be an addition down the track. He also went in-depth regarding the "narrative sandbox" concept the studio feels is u..

Dying Light: Bad Blood: what happens when battle royale meets parkour and zombies?

10:11 am, September 4, 2018
DF first look at Dying Light: Bad Blood, with some new thoughts on the upcoming Dying Light 2 tossed in for good measure.

Dying Light 2 Preview | PowerPyx

11:13 pm, September 1, 2018
Dying Light 2 Preview from Gamescom 2018. Dying Light 2's new 'Narrative Sandbox' style is a big change. This will explain what that means and what else is new.

Top 5 Games from Gamescom 2018

4:13 am, August 31, 2018
The most exciting news from Gamescome 2018 is on the DMarket blog. We collected a list of the best Gamescom games: Cyberpank 2077, Dying Light 2, Life is Strange 2, Battlefield 5 and My Friend Pedro. Click and look deeply for it!

Gamescom 2018: Dying Light 2 Preview - Elite Gamer

6:11 pm, August 23, 2018
Dying Light is one of the most successful zombie-themed survival games in recent years. At E3, Techland announced the highly anticipated sequel which was met with a great response from the fanbase. This year at Gamescom, Elite Gamer got a chance to check out some of the new Dying Light 2.

Dying Light Bad Blood Hands-On & Dying Light 2 | ThisGenGaming Impressions

4:12 pm, August 23, 2018
ThisGenGaming says: "Im pretty excited about Dying Light 2 AND Bad Blood after seeing it in action and getting some personal hands-on with the latter."

Dying Light 2 Is a Bold Sequel with a Huge Online Component, Says Techland Dev

9:12 pm, August 22, 2018
Dying Light 2 wil be a bold sequel with a huge online component, according to Techland's Tymon Smektala, though he couldn't say more yet.

Dying Light 2 Dev Says Theres a Better Connection Between Player and Game If Its Part RPG

8:13 pm, August 15, 2018
Techland's Adrian Ciszewski said that there's a better player/game connection if it's part RPG, explaining why the developers made this decision for Dying Light 2.

Chris Avellone speaks about working with Ken Levine

4:10 pm, July 14, 2018
In a recent interview with Gameology, Chris Avellone (Narrative designer of Dying Light 2) speaks about Ken Levine's new project and working with him in Ghost Stories. He also talks about his past, life and how he got into the video game industry.
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Dying Light 2


The fate of a decaying City is in your hands. Every choice matters. Discover the bold sequel to a best-selling open-world phenomenon.