Earthfall is a co-operative shooter for up to four players. Using team-based tactics to fortify holdouts and complete objectives, players must work together to survive. more

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Achievements suddenly not tracking

3:12 pm, September 27, 2018
@HTIDXtremez wrote: So 3 days ago was getting close to some kill achievements then in middle of a mission the game crashed, I restarted the game, completed the level and all the tracking was on the same percentage. I should have had two achievements unlock but nothing, pla..

[BUG] Game can crash upon shooting explosive barrels (PS4)

11:12 am, August 29, 2018
@RaNdOmKiLs666 wrote: While playing the Sunnyvale mission, sometimes when i destroy the big stack of explosive barrels in the drain tunnel near the start, it will crash the game and seems to softcrash the PS4. This has happened to me twice. The first time it happened seeme..

Game will crash at creat or join online game && The game language is always in English

3:12 am, August 26, 2018
@NekoChocolate wrote: I can’t play games with my friends, I can’t even join or create an online game. I use “Simplified Chinese” to enter the game, but in fact I still see English, using other languages will also become English. ========================== I try: Re..

Failed to receive session address when inviting friends on Xbox One

2:12 am, August 12, 2018
@bakuhatsubutsu wrote: When I host a game and try to invite a friend, an error appears on my friend’s end that says “cannot find session”. The same occurs on my end when she tries to invite me to a session she hosts. The same happens whether it is a “public” or ..

Chat issues on PS4, have to use PlayStation Party Chat

5:12 pm, August 9, 2018
@Capt4 wrote: Whenever we try to play in a party the audio for the in-game voice chat is horrible. It is so bad that we can’t hear each other and when we do it comes through all broken up. We have to use the PlayStation Party system to even hear each other outside of t..

Headshot addict achievement Bug

11:12 am, August 5, 2018
@Mickypheonix wrote: Hi , i have been playing for weeks now trying to get this achievement Headshot addict Killed 50 consecutive aliens with headshots or brainshots i always seemed to get over 50 consecutive head shots but they are not registering as head shots here is a v..

Achievement Issues Possible Cause Xbox One

3:12 am, August 4, 2018
@ViRaLuNdEaD wrote: Sorry in advance for the long thread. I think I have figured out the issue with achievements on Xbox One. At least part of it. I don’t think progress for some achievements are being tracked for anyone but the host. Here is why I think that. I have onl..

Natural Selection trophy not unlocking

1:12 pm, July 31, 2018
@Killionaire wrote: Can you fix the Natural Selection trophy? It doesnt unlock Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic..

Able to type in chat in game but not in lobby

3:12 am, July 30, 2018
@Mickypheonix wrote: I don’t know why but i can type in chat in game no problems , however i press l to chat in lobby i cant type in , only happens coop when i join a game , i can type my end when i create a game. Posts: 1 Participan..

I believe I have found a SOLUTION! No audio fix!

7:12 am, July 29, 2018
@TheLastLife98 wrote: Alright, so bear with me, this is a problem that should be addressed, and hoping I’m not the only one still with this issue, I’ll be helping someone. So since I purchased this game about 10 days ago, I have had NO AUDIO through my headset. After s..
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Earthfall is a co-operative shooter for up to four players. Using team-based tactics to fortify holdouts and complete objectives, players must work together to survive.






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