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Biggest New Games of June 2020: The Last of Us vs. Spongebob

It's the battle of the titans as Joel and Ellie take on Spongebob this June.

12:00 am, June 1, 2020

The lovecraftian Metroidvania Outbuddies DX is soon coming to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Headup is delighted to announce that "Outbuddies DX", a 2D side-scrolling adventure game in the spirit of the classic Metroid, is coming soon to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One with the PS4 version plann..

12:00 am, June 1, 2020

Maneater Review | GameGrin

Gary Sheppard of GameGrin reviews Maneater, writing: "The premise of Tripwire Interactives latest title can be pretty much summed up in the simple phrase f*** you, Im a shark. It doesnt come up in the..

11:33 pm, May 31, 2020

The PlayStation BRAHcast: Episode 7 The Calm Before the PS5 Reveal

As the world gets ready for the PlayStation 5 reveal on June 4th, The Gang gets together to about all the latest PlayStation news!

10:33 pm, May 31, 2020

This new non-VR mod turns Half-Life Alyx into a traditional/classic first-person shooter

John Papadopoulos of DSOGaming writes: "We now have a new non-VR mod that actually turns Half-Life: Alyx into a proper and classic first-person shooter."

10:33 pm, May 31, 2020

Remember When Xbox One Almost Lost the Console Race?

From zero to potential hero, here's how Microsoft delivered the worst sales pitch in gaming history and then bounced back from it.

10:33 pm, May 31, 2020

Builders of Egypt: Prologue Preview | GameGrin

Gary Sheppard of GameGrin previews Builders of Egypt: Prologue available on Steam Early Access, writing: "Theres not a huge amount of content just yet, but what is there is nicely crafted, with the si..

10:00 pm, May 31, 2020

These Battlefield 5 Animated Shorts Will Make You Appreciate the Game More

Battlefield fans, check out these adorable and spot-on Battlefield 5 animated shorts to fill the gap left by Battlefield Friends.

10:00 pm, May 31, 2020

PlayStation and Xbox Take Very Different Approaches to Next Gen - IGN Daily Fix

IGN: Sydnee Goodman talks about how PlayStation and Xbox seem to be taking very different approaches to next gen after PlayStation boss, Jim Ryan, says that PS5 games don't have to run on PS4; but, ne..

9:33 pm, May 31, 2020

Maneater - Review - Games Asylum

Games Asylum: "Critics were doubtlessly in a quandary when 2006s Jaw Unleashed landed for review. The vastly belated movie tie-in came from a publisher with an iffy track record (Majesco), had no pre-..

9:00 pm, May 31, 2020