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Fortnite melee weapons

A Listing of Fortnite Melee Weapons and Stats. All stats and crafting materials shown are taken from the base stats of the items with no upgrades.

There are currently 118 Fortnite Melee Weapons

Title Weapon Type Rarity
Shortblade Light Swords Common
Machete Light Swords Uncommon
Shortblade Slicer Light Swords Rare
Nightcleave Light Swords Epic
Stabsworth the III Light Swords Legendary
Ruler Sword Medium Swords Common
Ninjato Medium Swords Uncommon
Shadow Blade Medium Swords Rare
Rageblade Medium Swords Epic
Slice n' Dice Medium Swords Legendary
Two-Handed S. Heavy Swords Common
Claymore Heavy Swords Uncommon
Highlander Heavy Swords Rare
Greatsword Heavy Swords Epic
Huskcleaver Heavy Swords Legendary
Laserblade Laser Swords Epic
Stormblade Laser Swords Legendary
Vindertech Sword Laser Swords Epic
Vindertech Slicer Laser Swords Legendary
Hydraulic Sword Hydraulic Swords Epic
Pressure Cutter Hydraulic Swords Legendary
Vacuum Tube Sword- Tube Swords Epic
Vacuum Tube Sword Tube Swords Legendary
Dragon Sword Dragon Swords Epic
Dragon's Tooth Dragon Swords Legendary
Krypton Sword- Krypton Swords Epic
Krypton Sword Krypton Swords Legendary
Bootaxe Boot Axes Common
Ski Axe Boot Axes Uncommon
Ski Cleaver Boot Axes Rare
Antler Axe Boot Axes Epic
Claxe Boot Axes Legendary
Handmade Axe Medium Axes Common
Fire Axe Medium Axes Uncommon
Splinter Axe Medium Axes Rare
Skullcleave Medium Axes Epic
Revenant's Wrath Medium Axes Legendary
Stop Axe Heavy Axes Common
Fractured Axe Heavy Axes Uncommon
Greataxe Heavy Axes Rare
Boneshatter Heavy Axes Epic
Stormchaser's Revenge Heavy Axes Legendary
Laser Axe Laser Axes Epic
Armaggeddon Laser Axes Legendary
Vindertech Axe Laser Axes Epic
Vindertech Sever Laser Axes Legendary
Scavenger Heavy Axe Scavenger Axes Epic
Hack Axe Scavenger Axes Legendary
Vacuum Tube Axe- Tube Axes Epic
Vacuum Tube Axe Tube Axes Legendary
Argon Axe- Argon Axes Epic
Argon Axe Argon Axes Legendary
Simple Pitchfork Spears Common
Pitchfork Spears Uncommon
Mighty Pitchfork Spears Rare
Skewer Spears Epic
Whirling Doom Spears Legendary
Lacerator Military Spears Rare
Bloodletter Military Spears Epic
Dissector Military Spears Legendary
Laser Trident Laser Spears Epic
Farmer's Glory Laser Spears Legendary
Hydraulic Spear Hydraulic Spears Epic
Sawtooth Hydraulic Spears Legendary
Scavenger Spear Scavenger Spears Epic
Head Clipper Scavenger Spears Legendary
Vacuum Tube Spear- Tube Spears Epic
Vacuum Tube Spear Tube Spears Legendary
Dragon Spear Dragon Spears Epic
Dragon's Fang Dragon Spears Legendary
Hockey Stick Scythes Common
Claw Rake Scythes Uncommon
Reaver Scythes Rare
Scythe Scythes Epic
Elegant Scythe Scythes Legendary
Laser Scythe Laser Scythes Epic
Reaper Scythe Laser Scythes Legendary
Neon Scythe- Neon Scythes Epic
Neon Scythe Neon Scythes Legendary
Fishing Hook- Fishing Hook Epic
Fishing Hook Fishing Hook Legendary
Baseball Bat Baseball Bats Common
Slugger Baseball Bats Uncommon
Mighty Slugger Baseball Bats Rare
Fortsville Slugger 2000 Baseball Bats Epic
Fortsville Slugger 3000 Baseball Bats Legendary
Driver Golf Clubs Uncommon
Mighty Driver Golf Clubs Rare
Tremendous Driver Golf Clubs Epic
Masters Driver Golf Clubs Legendary
Cricket Bat Paddles Common
Husk Hazer Paddles Uncommon
The Initiator Paddles Rare
Sir Hootie- Sir Hootie Epic
Sir Hootie Sir Hootie Legendary
Crowbar Crowbars Uncommon
Breaching Bar Crowbars Rare
Wrecking Bar Crowbars Epic
Mr. Red Crowbars Legendary
Trusty Pipe Wrenches Common
Wrench Wrenches Uncommon
Heavy Wrench Wrenches Rare
Socket Wrench Wrenches Epic
Socket Slugger Wrenches Legendary
Rocket Sledge Rocket Sledges Epic
Husk Stomper Rocket Sledges Legendary
Vindertech Rocket Hammer Rocket Hammers Epic
Vindertech Slammer Rocket Hammers Legendary
Crude Hammer Heavy Hammers Common
Sledgehammer Heavy Hammers Uncommon
Heavy Sledge Heavy Hammers Rare
Warhammer Heavy Hammers Epic
Doomhammer Heavy Hammers Legendary
Hydraulic Sledge Hydraulic Hammers Epic
Pulverizer Hydraulic Hammers Legendary
Scavenger Pipe Scavenger Hardware Epic
Pipe Down! Scavenger Hardware Legendary
Blazing Masamune Founders Legendary

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