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Fortnite ranged weapons

Fortnite Ranged Weapons and crafting details. All stats and crafting materials shown are taken from the base stats of the items with no upgrades. To calculate the DPS of the weapons you can go into the weapon details and enter your Offense Points rating to get a DPS calculation.

There are currently 238 Fortnite Ranged Weapons

Title Weapon Type Rarity
Assault Rifle Auto Rifles Common
Striker Auto Rifles Uncommon
Breacher Auto Rifles Rare
Equalizer Auto Rifles Epic
Siegebreaker Auto Rifles Legendary
B. Assault Rifle Burst Rifles Common
Scalpel Burst Rifles Uncommon
Razor Burst Rifles Rare
Razorwire Burst Rifles Epic
Razorblade Burst Rifles Legendary
Trooper Doubleshot Rifles Epic
Ranger Doubleshot Rifles Legendary
L. Machine Gun LMG Rifles Rare
Bullet Swarm LMG Rifles Epic
Terminator LMG Rifles Legendary
Semi-Auto Rifle Semi-Auto Rifles Common
Old Faithful Semi-Auto Rifles Uncommon
Predator Semi-Auto Rifles Rare
Raptor Semi-Auto Rifles Epic
Hunter-killer Semi-Auto Rifles Legendary
Slug Gun Single-Shot Rifles Rare
Hammershot Single-Shot Rifles Epic
Hammercrush Single-Shot Rifles Legendary
Nightlance Surgical Rifles Epic
Deathstalker Surgical Rifles Legendary
Raygun Raygun Epic
Deathray Raygun Legendary
Hydraulic Assault Hydraulic Assault Epic
Nailer Hydraulic Assault Legendary
Hydra Hydraulic Assault Legendary
Scavenger Rifle Scavenger Assault Epic
Buzzcut Scavenger Assault Legendary
Grave Digger Fortnitemares AR. Legendary
Vindertech Pulse Rifle Pulse Rifle Epic
Vindertech Pulsar Pulse Rifle Legendary
Vacuum Tube Rifle- Tube AR. Epic
Vacuum Tube Rifle Tube AR. Legendary
Dragon Rifle Dragon Rifle Epic
Dragon's Roar Dragon Rifle Legendary
Argon Assault Rifle- Argon Assault Epic
Argon Assault Rifle Argon Assault Legendary
Mercury LMG- Mercury LMG Epic
Mercury LMG Mercury LMG Legendary
Spectre Specter Rare
Silenced Specter- Silenced Specter Epic
Silenced Specter Silenced Specter Legendary
HackSAW- HackSAW Epic
HackSAW HackSAW Legendary
Tiger- Tiger Epic
Tiger Tiger Legendary
Bobcat- Bobcat Epic
Bobcat Bobcat Legendary
Lynx Lynx Legendary
Typewriter Typewriter Legendary
Machine Pistol Auto Pistols Common
Snakebite Auto Pistols Uncommon
Rattler Auto Pistols Rare
Cobra Auto Pistols Epic
Viper Auto Pistols Legendary
Ripper Heavy Auto P. Rare
Slasher Heavy Auto P. Epic
Thrasher Heavy Auto P. Legendary
Bolt Revolver Bolt Revolver P. Common
Bolt Slinger Bolt Revolver P. Uncommon
Junkyard Pal Bolt Revolver P. Rare
Boltstorm Bolt Pistols Epic
Bolt Bolt Bolt Pistols Legendary
Dragon Dragon Pistols Epic
Dragon's Breath Dragon Pistols Legendary
Firecracker Firecracker P. Rare
Liberator Firecracker P. Epic
Freedom's Herald Firecracker P. Legendary
Tiny Instrument of Death Firecracker P. Legendary
Handcannon Handcannon P. Rare
Lawbringer Handcannon P. Epic
Judge Handcannon P. Legendary
Shrike Semi-Auto HC. P. Rare
Kestrel Semi-Auto HC. P. Epic
Falcon Semi-Auto HC. P. Legendary
Cyclone Gatling Pistols Epic
Monsoon Gatling Pistols Legendary
Quickfire Pistol Rapid Fire P. Rare
Haywire Rapid Fire P. Epic
Haywire Storm Rapid Fire P. Legendary
Semi-Auto Handgun Semi-Auto P. Common
Outlaw Semi-Auto P. Uncommon
Vigilante Semi-Auto P. Rare
Vendetta Semi-Auto P. Epic
Jackal Semi-Auto P. Legendary
Revolver Six Shooter P. Common
Dealmaker Six Shooter P. Uncommon
Nighthawk Six Shooter P. Rare
Space Pistol Energy Pistols Epic
Space Invader Energy Pistols Legendary
Zapper Energy Pistols Epic
Zap Zapp Energy Pistols Legendary
Hydraulic Pistol Hydraulic Pistol Epic
Piston Spitter Hydraulic Pistol Legendary
Scavenger Machine Pistol Scavenger Pistol Epic
Riptide Scavenger Pistol Legendary
Vindertech Repeater Repeater Pistols Epic
Vindertech Blazer Repeater Pistols Legendary
Vindertech Burst Pistol Burst Pistols Epic
Vindertech Burster Burst Pistols Legendary
Vindertech Blaster Scoped HC. P. Legendary
Lightning Pistol- Tube Pistols Epic
Lightning Pistol Tube Pistols Legendary
Vacuum Tube Revolver- Tube Pistols Epic
Vacuum Tube Revolver Tube Pistols Legendary
Bald Eagle Bald Eagle Legendary
Krypton Pistol- Krypton Pistol Epic
Krypton Pistol Krypton Pistol Legendary
Whisper .45- Whisper .45 Epic
Whisper .45 Whisper .46 Legendary
Duelist- Flintlock Pistol Epic
Duelist Flintlock Pistol Legendary
Automatic SG Auto Shotguns Uncommon
Kodiak Auto Shotguns Rare
Bearcat Auto Shotguns Epic
Tigerjaw Auto Shotguns Legendary
Room Sweeper Auto Shotguns Legendary
Double-Barreled Break Action SGs Common
Strongarm Break Action SGs Uncommon
Double-punch Break Action SGs Rare
Shockwave Break Action SGs Epic
Thunderbolt Break Action SGs Legendary
Enforcer Longarm Shotguns Epic
Longarm Enforcer Longarm Shotguns Legendary
Pump-action SG P. Act Shotguns Common
Knight P. Act Shotguns Uncommon
Crusader P. Act Shotguns Rare
Templar P. Act Shotguns Epic
The Bear P. Act Shotguns Legendary
Tactical Shotgun Tactical Shotguns Common
Puma Tactical Shotguns Uncommon
Panther Tactical Shotguns Rare
Percision Panther P. Tactical SGs Rare
Clipper P. Tactical SGs Epic
Nightclaw P. Tactical SGs Legendary
Over-Under SG Over-Under SGs Uncommon
Rustler Over-Under SGs Rare
Bandit Over-Under SGs Epic
Maverick Over-Under SGs Legendary
Semi-Auto SG Semi-Auto SGs Uncommon
Charger Semi-Auto SGs Rare
Stallion Semi-Auto SGs Epic
Stampede Semi-Auto SGs Legendary
Backbreaker Semi-Auto SGs Legendary
Hydraulic Shotgun Hydraulic Shotgun Epic
Pummeller Hydraulic Shotgun Legendary
Scavenger Double-Barrel Shotgun Scavenger Shotgun Epic
Old Smokey Scavenger Shotgun Legendary
Scavenger Semi-Auto Shotgun Scavenger Shotgun Epic
Husk Buster Scavenger Shotgun Legendary
Vindertech Plasma Gun Vindertech SGs Epic
Vindertech Disintegrator Vindertech SGs Legendary
Vacuum Tube Shotgun Tube Shotguns Epic
Vacuum Tube Shotgun+ Tube Shotguns Legendary
Dragon Drum Shotgun Dragon Drum SGs Epic
DragonFire Dragon Drum SGs Legendary
Dragon Blunderbuss Dragon Blunderbuss Epic
Dragon's Might Dragon Blunderbuss Legendary
Helium Shotgun- Helium Shotguns Epic
Helium Shotgun Helium Shotguns Legendary
Ground Pounder- Ground Pounder Epic
Ground Pounder Ground Pounder Legendary
Dragoon- Flintlock Shotgun Epic
Dragoon Flintlock Shotgun Legendary
Laser Rifle AMR Sniper Rare
Powered Laser R. AMR Sniper Epic
Zapotron AMR Sniper Legendary
Automatic Sniper Auto Sniper Uncommon
Extinguisher Auto Sniper Rare
Exterminator Auto Sniper Epic
Deathwing Auto Sniper Legendary
Scoped Wasp Standard S. Sniper Epic
Scoped Dragonfly Standard S. Sniper Legendary
Bolt-Action Rifle Bolt-Action Sniper Common
Bullseye Bolt-Action Sniper Uncommon
Deadeye Bolt-Action Sniper Rare
Ralphie's Revenge Bolt-Action Sniper Legendary
Scoped Bullseye S. Bolt-Action S. Rare
Scoped Deadeye S. Bolt-Action S. Epic
One Shot S. Bolt-Action S. Legendary
Shredder Shredder Sniper Epic
Super Shredder Shredder Sniper Legendary
Hunting Rifle Standard Sniper Common
Lil' Bee Standard Sniper Uncommon
Stinger Standard Sniper Rare
Wasp Standard Sniper Epic
Dragonfly Standard Sniper Legendary
Burst Sniper Triple-Shot Sniper Epic
Triple Tap Triple-Shot Sniper Legendary
Hydraulic Sniper Hydraulic Sniper Epic
Tsunami Hydraulic Sniper Legendary
Scavenger Sniper Rifle Scavenger Sniper Epic
Sunsetter Scavenger Sniper Legendary
Vindertech Sniper Rifle Vindertech Sniper Epic
Vindertech Jolter Vindertech Sniper Legendary
Vacuum Tube Sniper Rifle- Tube Sniper Epic
Vacuum Tube Sniper Rifle Tube Sniper Legendary
Frostbite Semi Auto S. Legendary
Heartbreaker Heartbreaker Legendary
Dagon Sniper Rifle Dragon Sniper Epic
Dragon's Claw Dragon Sniper Legendary
Neon Sniper Rifle- Neon Sniper Epic
Neon Sniper Rifle Neon Sniper Legendary
Crossbow- Crossbow Epic
Crossbow Crossbow Legendary
Obliterator- Obliterator Epic
Obliterator Obliterator Legendary
Ol'Betsy- Flintlock Sniper Epic
Ol'Betsy Flintlock Sniper Legendary
Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher Rare
Blooper Grenade Launcher Epic
Thumper Grenade Launcher Legendary
Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher Rare
Missile Launcher Rocket Launcher Epic
Bazooka Rocket Launcher Legendary
Hydro Launcher Hydraulic Launcher Epic
Dam Buster Hydraulic Launcher Legendary
Trash Cannon Scavenger Launcher Legendary
Jack-O-Launcher Fortnitemares L. Legendary
Vacuum Tube Launcher- Tube Launcher Epic
Vacuum Tube Launcher Tube Launcher Legendary
Snowball Launcher Snowball Launcher Legendary
Dragon Rocket Launcher Dragon Launcher Epic
Dragon's Fury Dragon Launcher Legendary
Easter Egg Launcher Easter Egg Launcher Legendary
Noble Launcher- Noble Launcher Epic
Noble Launcher Noble Launcher Legendary
Quad Launcher- Quad Launcher Epic
Quad Launcher Quad Launcher Legendary
Founder's Revolt Founders Epic
Nocturno Founders Legendary
Founder's Drumroll Founders Legendary
Founder's Quickshot Founders Legendary
Founder's Deconstructor Founders Legendary

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