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Compilation of Fortnite Tips. Source Whitesushi's Fortnite Loadout.

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You can mark dangerous targets using the Middle Mouse Button for your teammates to see Gameplay
You can intentionally fail a BluGlo siphon and still get 2 BluGlos out of it to use in your other objectives Gameplay
Mini husks aren't able to use their "pounce" ability while moving over wooden floor spikes Gameplay
Recycling caps at 75 resource per minute regardless of how much you build, and can be collected by any player Gameplay
Lobber projectiles can be shot out of the air Gameplay
Propane tanks can be detonated and if one falls on your traps, you can hit it with your pick and knock it away Gameplay
Adding Bluglo to mission objectives without activating it will reveal the storm direction Gameplay
Holding the reload button will craft the ammo appropriate to the weapon you're holding Gameplay
Flingers take reduced damage from ranged attacks so opting for melee will be better Gameplay
You can edit the orientation of bombs dropped from Airstrike between area and line using the rotate(R) button Gameplay
When playing with others, building health and trap damage is scaled to the player with highest tech/ building health on the team Base
Use Wall/ Floor launchers to push Husks off the map or into basements. They'll automatically die if there's no way out Base
Patrol Wards consume charges the moment it's placed down, even during build phase / AFK-ing Base
A triangular wall makes a great ramp you can walk up, but mobs can't Base
You can take down self-built walls easily by editting it to the smallest size and hitting it while it's remaking Base
Give defenders slow-firing and low-spread weapons and level them up to increase their accuracy Base
While a 1/2 floor has less health and does not allow trap placements, it is essentially a partial low wall, another layer husks need to get through Base
Switching to a constructor to build your outpost can result in a lot of cost savings in the form of materials Base
You can make use of the hidden Twitch quest to find secret locations that might have chests etc especially if you aren't on an Outlander Loot
Always break garden gnomes and teddy bears. They have a chance to drop Active Powercells Loot
To break things super fast, hit the very corner. The sweet spots barely move Loot
Turn on your game audio because nearby chests will make shimmering noises Loot
Get the outlanders with skill "Keen Eyes" to see through walls onto containers sorted by quality (green, blue, purple) Loot
Mark items you want to keep as "Favourites" so you do not accidentally recycle them. They'll also not show up in the collection book! Loot
It is recommended to max out Tier 4 research tree before 3. Tier 4 nodes costs 500 research per stat while tier 3 nodes cost 540 research per stat Progression
If you have both dear diary and scouting shelters quests, leaving dear diary incomplete will let you find shelters easily Progression
You start getting more skill points per level based on commander level, not zone. You start getting 2/3/4 points at 53/134/266 commander levels respectively Progression
You can only get rewards for the first 3 timed missions you do daily. Additional timed missions do not award timed mission rewards Progression
Getting a friend to craft you a high level weapon can last you throughout the most of the game, making content easy Progression
Identical schematics can have different upgrade bonuses so they aren't exactly duplicates Progression
When you evolve a blueprint, you change some of the material cost to craft. Don't do this unless you're ready to farm the superior materials Progression
If you abandon a daily quest, you get a new one back so it is more of a reroll than a forfeit. Only one can be rerolled per day Progression
Get friends to assist you on your Storm Shield defense missions to make them a breeze, and also give them 2-4 Mini Reward Llamas Progression
There are additional Storm Shield defense missions which you can complete for V-bucks in your "Side Quests" after you're done with the main Progression
There exist missions that may popup with V-Coin rewards so do keep a lookout for those Progression
Adding a schematic to the collection CONSUMES it so if you only had 1 of it, you wouldn't be able to craft the item anymore Progression

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