Fortnite is a co-op sandbox survival game developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly, published by Epic Games. more

Fortnite traps

A collection of all the Traps in Fortnite and their Stats. All trap stats and crafting materials shown are taken from the base stats of the items with no upgrades. Durations shown are in seconds.

There are currently 66 Fortnite Trap Weapons

Title Weapon Type
Wall Darts Uncommon
Wall Darts Rare
Wall Darts Epic
Wall Darts Legendary
Wall Dynamo Uncommon
Wall Dynamo Rare
Wall Dynamo Epic
Wall Dynamo Legendary
Wall Launcher Uncommon
Wall Launcher Rare
Wall Launcher Epic
Wall Launcher Legendary
Wall Lights Rare
Wall Lights Epic
Wall Lights Legendary
Wall Spikes Common
Wall Spikes Uncommon
Wall Spikes Rare
Wall Spikes Epic
Wall Spikes Legendary
Ceiling Electric Field Rare
Ceiling Electric Field Epic
Ceiling Electric Field Legendary
Ceiling Zapper Common
Ceiling Zapper Uncommon
Ceiling Zapper Rare
Ceiling Zapper Epic
Ceiling Zapper Legendary
Ceiling Gas Trap Uncommon
Ceiling Gas Trap Rare
Ceiling Gas Trap Epic
Ceiling Gas Trap Legendary
Ceiling Drop Trap Rare
Ceiling Drop Trap Epic
Ceiling Drop Trap Legendary
Floor Launcher Uncommon
Floor Launcher Rare
Floor Launcher Epic
Floor Launcher Legendary
Retractable Floor Spikes Uncommon
Retractable Floor Spikes Rare
Retractable Floor Spikes Epic
Retractable Floor Spikes Legendary
Wooden Floor Spikes Common
Wooden Floor Spikes Uncommon
Wooden Floor Spikes Rare
Wooden Floor Spikes Epic
Wooden Floor Spikes Legendary
Healing Pads Uncommon
Healing Pads Rare
Healing Pads Epic
Healing Pads Legendary
Patrol Wards Uncommon
Patrol Wards Rare
Patrol Wards Epic
Patrol Wards Legendary
Floor Freeze Trap Rare
Floor Freeze Trap Epic
Floor Freeze Trap Legendary
Cozy Campfire Rare
Cozy Campfire Epic
Cozy Campfire Legendary
Flame Grill Rare
Flame Grill Epic
Flame Grill Legendary
Boost Pad Rare

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May 31, 2018




Fortnite is a co-op sandbox survival game developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly, published by Epic Games.



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Epic Games, People Can Fly

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