Flaming Fowl Studios
Release Date
Oct 20, 2021

Whether you are drawn to Gloomhaven by the call of adventure or by an avid desire for gold glimmering in the dark, your fate will surely be the same. Gloomhaven, the digital adaptation of the acclaimed board game, mixes Tactical-RPG and dungeon-crawling.

Gloomhaven is developed by Asmodee Digital and published by Flaming Fowl Studios. Gloomhaven is classed as a Tabletop. The release date for Gloomhaven is Oct 20, 2021.

Some Gloomhaven Statistics

Gloomhaven has been mentioned in 4 news articles and blog posts. The first time it was mentioned in an article was on May 22, 2021 and the last time it was mentioned was on Oct 22, 2021 . The length of time this game has been mentioned in articles is 5 months, 2 days, 12 hours, 1 seconds.