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Insane Robots is an upcoming single-player and multiplayer, turn-based strategy game card battler developed and published by Playniac. more

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2 new Robot Packs arrive for Insane Robots players to enjoy

11:14 am, October 5, 2018
Neil writes: "It's the simple to play, but totally unique robot based card battler that just keeps on giving and today those finding themselves fully involved in the madness of Insane Robots have been given another couple of gifts - the third and fourth Robot Packs."

Insane Robots | XBLGamerhub Review

4:22 pm, September 18, 2018
Released on the 13th of July 2018, Insane Robots was made by Playniac. This is their first outing for console with their previous games being made for iPad and PC. Insane Robots is a card battle game with a twist Game play starts off with you finding out that youre a robot that needs to wander arou..

Crossed wires: Insane Robots review | FULLSYNC

4:11 am, September 3, 2018
FULLSYNC's OhMyJosh checks out the roguelike turn-based strategy game, Insane Robots, developed and published by Playniac.

Get new Insane Robots with the Robot Pack 2 on Xbox One and PC

10:11 am, August 10, 2018
Neil writes: "If you're looking for something a little different to the norm then Insane Robots brings it. A unique card-battler with a twist, this easy to pick up, but strategically deep title has plenty of draw, and should be something that those looking for a hugely impressive single player campa..

Insane Robots Review - Still hoping to dream of electic sheep | MGL

4:12 am, August 1, 2018
Lawrence brings his verdict on this interesting game that doesn't quite work for him.

Insane Robots Review - Card Based Battler Needs Tuning | COGconnected

2:10 am, July 22, 2018
Insane Robots hits the scene, bringing a bevy of robots, roguelite elements, and plenty of potential playstyles. It unfortunately also brings some combat with it that's a little dull, to say the least.

Insane Robots Review (The Loot Gaming)

6:10 pm, July 20, 2018
A review of Playniac's Robot card battle game Insane Robots. From the reviewer: "Insane Robots is my first card battler game on console. Sure, in the real world I enjoy Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh but I had never used my Playstation to experience board games. My main attraction was the cutesy robots and I ..

Insane Robots Review - C://ReviewFinal(Final). Malfunction.exe - FNGR GNS

3:10 pm, July 16, 2018
Sean @ FG: Combining charming art with strategic hex-grid play and a complex card battle system, Insane Robots lives up to its potential. The FNGR GNS Review.

Insane Robots Review | TheXboxHub

1:10 pm, July 16, 2018
James writes - "Playniac are a team of developers looking to make waves in the card battling genre with Insane Robots being their first foray into the world of console gaming. Having already had the pleasure of getting my hands of an early version of it, things were looking positive in terms of thei..

Insane Robots - Xbox One Review - AbsoluteXbox

5:10 pm, July 12, 2018
Chad writes: "Our Xbox One Review of Insane Robots - Insane Robots is a card game unlike any other. When I say its a card game I most certainly dont mean Snap. Instead of trying to find pairs you will have to try and win epic 1v1 robot fights! Its basically a fight to the death."

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Insane Robots


Insane Robots is an upcoming single-player and multiplayer, turn-based strategy game card battler developed and published by Playniac.








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