Moonlighter is an action-RPG indie game developed by Spanish indie studio Digital Sun and released for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox one on May 29, 2018 more

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If You Only Play One Indie Game This Year, Make it Moonlighter

9:10 pm, July 17, 2018
Moonlighter's combination of two tried and tested genres into one finely-tuned complete package is nothing short of wonderful.

Moonlighter Guide: 5 Things You Should Know Before Playing

4:10 pm, July 11, 2018
If you are interested in starting your own business while being able to be a hero and explore mysterious dungeons, then Moonlighter is the game for you, but you may want to know these next five tips before digging into this game.

Moonlighter Review | KeenGamer

3:10 pm, July 10, 2018
KeenGamer: "Kill monsters, collect loot, profit. These are the tenants of Will of Moonlighter, the adventurer/business owner. In Moonlighter, you dungeon delve and sell to your heart's content. We comb the contents of Moonlighter and give you a review of how the game pans out."

Shopkeeper RPG Moonlighter is getting a load of free new content this year

11:12 pm, July 5, 2018
Developer Digital Sun has revealed that it's working on a sizeable amount of free new content for its wonderful shopkeeping-and-adventuring RPG Moonlighter, and there's an accompanying roadmap which outlines exactly what 2018's remaining months will bring. Moonlighter's first batch of new stuff arr..

Steam Releases Charts Of 2018s Top Sellers (So Far)

8:10 pm, July 5, 2018
July marks the mid-point through the year, and just like its year-end lists, Valve is taking the opportunity to look back at the best-selling games on Steam. As with last year, the chart doesn't provide specific sales figures, but does break them down into Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze categor..

Moonlighter Review | Middle of Nowhere Gaming

2:10 pm, July 5, 2018
illgrillchill writes, "Moonlighter, Digital Suns premiere game, is an intriguing roguelike action-RPG that meshes dungeon crawling with economic savviness. Whether youre slaying a gruesome slime creature or determining the perfect price of that Ancient Pot, both have significant and meaningful outco..

Moonlighter 2018 Development Roadmap Details - Trailer

11:10 am, July 5, 2018
Moonlighter is an Action-RPG with rogue-lite elements following the everyday routines of Rynokas ambitious shopkeeper Will, who dreams of becoming a hero.

Moonlighter: The Comprehensive Beginners Guide

3:10 am, July 5, 2018
In this guide you will find a list of useful advive on how to fight mobs, explore the dungeon, manage your shop and deal with bosses in the game

Moonlighter review (PC) - Beauty Before Execution - OGGs

8:10 pm, June 26, 2018
Moonlighter sells itself as a rogue-lite action RPG with shop management mechanics and some of the most beautiful pixel art around. Its a frustrating game to review because it both succeeds and fails in many places making it difficult to prioritize what works and what fails.

Moonlighter Review | CFG Games

7:10 pm, June 20, 2018
Roguelike indie games are a dime a dozen these days, but Moonlighter stands out with its unconventional blend of gameplay. Hiosik checks out this indie title and shows you why you should check out this hidden gem!
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Jul 5, 2018




Moonlighter is an action-RPG indie game developed by Spanish indie studio Digital Sun and released for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox one on May 29, 2018



Action game, Role-playing video game, Indie game


11 bit studios


Digital Sun

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29 May 2018


Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh