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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is a role-playing video game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Versus Evil. more

Pillars of Eternity 2

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How is Touch of Death so bad?

10:12 am, April 23, 2019
Both Death Ring (Wizard PL6) and Boil Their Flesh (Chanter PL7) can destroy a bunch of near death enemies at once from across the map. Touch of Death (Druid PL9!) can destroy one near death (i.e. mostly dead anyway) enemy in melee range only? How did this garbage spell get put next to Great Maelstro..

Thank you for pillars of eternity

10:12 am, April 23, 2019
I could write alot about, but my english wont allow me to write it so much, so well.   I just found plenty of negative reviews of some part of the game i do not agree   So   I falled in love in PoE for this combat system. I didnt liked the story, characters. There was to much informations and gam..

need help with Pukestabber Build

10:12 am, April 23, 2019
Hey y'all,   the past few days I've been searching the forums but am yet to find what I am looking for, so I'd be thankful if someone with the proper knowledge could help me out.   My predicament is the following:   1) I want to play pukestabber. Period.   2) I want the build to be lightning fas..

Afflictions against enemies w/ Resistance in Turn-based causes it to calculate in real-time

10:12 am, April 23, 2019
Sorry if this has been raised before, curious if anyone else experiencing a bug in turn-based where if you apply a Stun to a Might Resistant enemy, it downgrades it to a Daze like expected, but the daze will have a duration in real time.    I started having to press pause in turn-based because I k..

Way to stack Penetration/reduce AR regardless of weapon type and spells

5:12 am, April 22, 2019
Hey so trying to figure out what’s the maximum penetration u can get regardless of whatever weapon u use or spell u cast. 1. Blackened Plate gives -1 AR to nearby enemy. 2. Tier 2 Might inspiration/potion of piercing strike/+2 PEN food/weapon modal, to be noted these are considered active bonus an..

Trickster Synergy?

12:12 am, April 21, 2019
Heyo, I wanted to know if someone could tell me what multiclasses would be best with trickster synergy wise as I really want to play one and preferably melee with dual wield. I just have a hard time comming up with anything really.   I appreciate every help!

Funny thing about Living Illusion and Ranger

12:12 am, April 21, 2019
Just found that every illusion you summon will have a pet! So once I invoke Living Illusion, 4 addition bear appears! And the illusion works really good with ranged characters   Edit: also unlike the illusion you summoned, the pets summoned is treated as normal pet and cannot be one shot as illusi..

POE2 Webby Nomination

12:12 am, April 21, 2019
Some news:   http://thegg.net/press-releases/pillars-of-eternity-2-has-been-nominated-for-best-adventure-game-and-best-writing-in-the-23rd-annual-webby-awards/   Best Adventure Game and Best Writing   Well ... The sidequests and even the main quest for my were pretty memorable, so happy for them...

Can Anyone Mod Deadfire Class System into POE 1?

7:12 pm, April 19, 2019
I really want to try my Deadfire multiclasses in Caed Nua.  One of the problems with Deadfire is that there simply isn't enough enemies to test your build on.     Speaking of which, what multiclass will you bring into Caed Nua? (For me it's herald + ascendant/helwalker).  ..

SSS - Changeling Dance with solo Monk PotD upscaled

7:12 pm, April 19, 2019
Hi Watchers! Its a tought battle really, have you ideas how can i beat them in Ironclad Form with monk? Ty

Lets talk Fire Spells

7:12 pm, April 19, 2019
If you had to rank fire spells (defined as description includes "Fire" keyword), by effectiveness (defined as damage cast at Level 20, single or multi), what would you choose?   Positive thoughts: My thoughts initially drift to the big-nukes of Great Maelstrom and Meteor Shower.     Second level..

Mods which allow you to completely change companion class?

7:12 pm, April 19, 2019
Are there any mods which allow one to completely what class/subclass a story companion is?  For example, to make Maia Rua an Evoker, or make Serafen a Bleak Walker/Priest of Magran?

Turn-based mode - any good? Buggy? Balanced? (Also: is this party OK for it?)

7:12 pm, April 19, 2019
So, firstly: I'm interested in trying out this turn-based mode, but is it any good?  Also, is in a good state, i.e. no bugs and so on?  I figured it might be cool for a new playthrough, but I'm not too interested in experiencing a whole new raft of bugs, or unbalanced gameplay.   Secondly, I'm pl..

If Xoti Meets POE Characters, Who Will She Get Along With?

7:12 pm, April 19, 2019
Obviously she doesn't get along with Pallegina and she sorta gets along with Eder and is neutral with Aloth.     But what about Kana, Sagani, Hirvais, and the crazy Priest person? Like, I'm seriously wondering how her relationship with Durance will work out.     In fact, how will any of the PO..

How to deal with opponents Arcane Dampener?

7:12 pm, April 19, 2019
This ability is a real threat to my party since it prevents buffs yes but also stops all your heal-over-time effects. and with suppress affliction bugged atm there's no obvious counter-play!   Only thing I've found is a priest tier 7 spell that reduces hostile effects by 1 round. also monks. but on..

Ways to take freeze damage on purpose?

7:12 pm, April 19, 2019
I'm looking to take at least some members of my terminal tank party out of No Pen land, and Glacierbane seems fantastic for it. The modal, and the enchantment... but I don't know if I can make sure to take freeze damage if the fight doesn't have any. My party is 3x herald, crusader, inquisitor. Shou..

Quick barbarian question

2:12 pm, April 18, 2019
Considering a run using a custom barbarian as my only melee character with a tactician cipher multi ranged mc. Wondering how hard it would be to make my barb immune to being flanked? If he gets a blind debuff would that disable brilliant for the tactician?


2:12 pm, April 18, 2019
Somebody should tweet it to Josh Sawyer, that can speed up patching   https://vimeo.com/331099224..

Sage vs Belranga

2:12 pm, April 18, 2019
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msDbqaDD75Q&t=101s   Blood Sage is making fight against Belranga ridiculous. 

Any mods to improve Aspect of Galawain? Short Ancient rant.

2:12 pm, April 18, 2019
Overall I'm really enjoying my Ancient, despite him really falling off by endgame. specifically, I feel the support and dps skills of Ancient are fine. but the summons reeeeally seem to fall off. My Aspect of Galawain is tickling mobs for 10-30 damage and I'm just wondering wth is up with this balan..

Casting Withdraw on a target with Might Resistance?

9:12 am, April 17, 2019
Do they become untargetable for 3 rounds but only dazed? or do u just become immune to it   same with stasis shell from cipher     one more question!  are knock backs (or push) considered an interrupt? and if i push an engaged target, do they take a disengagement attack from my allies? thx..

PoE2 is an incredible game but with a plot that seems a prologue for PoE3

9:12 am, April 17, 2019
I enjoyed deadfire in only one campaign (today I finished it) for mor than 200 hours. It has been an incredible experience.   For me the plot is not a problem, even I liked the consecuences at the end, but I see the plot is like a small introduction for PoE3.   What do you think? There will be PoE..

Concentration mechanics

4:12 am, April 16, 2019
Hi everyone,   not meant as a whining/rant post, just throwing around some questions/doubts.   First of all, and maybe needless to say, I do love PoE 2.   No matter how much I love it, I can't help thinking the Concentration system (for casters), despite being a really nice idea, is deeply flawed..

Looking for a Dragon slayer build

4:12 am, April 16, 2019
I stumbled upon this build for Pillars 1, and I'm looking for an updated one or something similar for Pillars 2. I'm currently stuck at the dragon fight in Beast of Winter. I would be hiring an adventurer to add to my party to help me kill dragons. Thanks. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/79169-cla..

Why POE II became unplayable for me

4:12 am, April 16, 2019
Hi all, This topic is about "rebalancing" games- i.e. making them unplayable. Why not leave them alone? Of course I understand when developers correct bugged abilities, which do not work as they were supposed to work, or add new ones, but why you change other skills/abilities? This changes everythin..

Idea Regarding the gods

4:12 am, April 16, 2019
In some universes, such as call of cthulhu , berserk anime, demon souls , etc.  demonic alien figures created the Universe. what if there was a plot twist in pillars that the deities were created by the engwithians to block these entities from influencing the universe ?  i think it could be  an i..

Modding Eothas Challenge

11:12 pm, April 14, 2019
So, anyone knows if it is possible to mod the number of days that Eothas challenge give you? I would love to have to manage time as a scarce resource, especially combining the Eothas with the Woedica's challenge, but with time to do side content and DLCS. Thoughts?

Why do enemies break out of Charm randomly?

11:12 pm, April 14, 2019
I get that when you hit a charmed enemy creature they sometimes break out, but I notice sometimes they break out on their own.   just now, I was aiming a buff spell on my priest as soon as I hovered my cursor over the charmed monster it broke out of the charm! right before my eyes. (and that's hove..

Need advice for POTD party comp

11:12 pm, April 14, 2019
Hi everyone,   finally going for my first playthrough. After a lot of reading Ive come up with a party comp I would like to try and I would appreciate if someone experienced could chime in. I am following some guides here, but I am not sure whether theyre still viable after so many patches. I chose..

Two questions about two cipher spells

11:12 pm, April 14, 2019
Pain Link: By description, it sounds reasonably awesome, but it's difficult to judge its effectiveness since it doesn't appear in the combat log. So exactly how does it work? If someone hits a pain linked character for 40 damage, they take 10 damage in return? No accuracy or armor penetration involv..

LF Advice on Ranged Mindstalker Build

6:12 pm, April 13, 2019
Hi there. Relatively new player here (played 20 hours last year at launch), looking to create a ranged mindstalker for a Classic playthrough using the Turn-Based mode. I was hoping to get some advice re: stat priority, weapons (2h vs DW), and key abilities to really make the multi-class shine. Any a..

For Debonaire (rogue) how do I attack charmed enemies?

6:12 pm, April 13, 2019
i rolled a debonaire rogue, he's supposed to hit charmed enemies with bonus hit-to-crit. but how do i actually target the green circle charmed enemies?? you can't auto-attack them cuz the game says they are allies, even when i right click, the character just walks up to them thinking it's a move com..

Ranger advice

1:12 pm, April 12, 2019
Hello guys. I backed Deadfire and so got a PC copy at release, and I played a bit with a few different characters before deciding to wait for the console release to properly play through the game (I love the idea of having portable Deadfire on the Switch). However, as the console release appears to ..

Flying color on your ship

1:12 pm, April 12, 2019
I just noticed that if I fly a Principi flag the Vallian boats will chase me.  Is there a general rule of which flag you fly causes which ships to chase you around?   I mean I could go sail around and see, but heck the forum is here ... Thanks for any feedback!   Like:   Princip flag -- Vallian ..

Forgotten Sanctum Upper Bowel Obstruction

1:12 pm, April 12, 2019
As far as I can discover, the only way to get through the upper bowel passage is if you happen to have 16 alchemy. I'm nowhere near that, not having found it necessary up to now. So what can I do to get on with the mission?

How is raw Dot damage calculated now in v4.1?

8:12 am, April 11, 2019
Hey guys, just trying to figure out how DoT damages functions now in V4.1, for example the 20% damage as raw for Deep Wounds, is it 20% of the total damage u deals per blow, or does it only include basic damage from weapon (so 18~24 for gsword and 20% x 24 = 4.8 per tick)?   Thanks!   Edit: also I..

How good is Enervating Blows really?

8:12 am, April 11, 2019
I'm not sure what to make of Enervating Blows. It sounds nice, but I find it hard to imagine how much it will really help me kill things.   Lowered healing is nice, but I very rarely notice enemies being healed significantly.   Countering constitution inspirations is nice but how often are you up ..

attack speed

3:12 am, April 10, 2019
can anyone explain how attack speed works? my dex says 24% faster but if you check the breakdown it says only -19%

Leveling question

12:12 am, April 9, 2019
I played the game for a while but dropped it because of real life issues. Now I'm planning to return and start over. The thing is, I know there are problems with overleveling in this game, and I would hate reaching max level before the end. There are some mods which reduce XP gains by a certain perc..

Questions about how changing attributes affects ongoing abilities

12:12 am, April 9, 2019
I'm playing an Ascetic right now and the build is starting to shape up nicely. But I had some questions about how abilities scale when your attributes shift while they are ongoing (Duality of Mortal Presence (DoMP), Helwalker Might). Hopefully one of you guys knows so that I don't have to test.   L..

Any way to increase global light shadow resolution?

10:12 pm, April 7, 2019
The point-light shadows in caves have good resolution, but outside, sun shadows have low resolution. Is there some way to increase that resolution?

Abilites that work with Instruments of Pain

10:12 pm, April 7, 2019
Hi,   because I was testing Forbidden Fist a bit (is a non-weapon melee attack that works with Instruments of Pain) I was thinking I could do a quick test to see which other non-weapon abilities will gain increased range with Instruments of Pain. I suspected Grimoire Slam and similat would work but..

Anyone knows how to trigger new combats at the crucible?

10:12 pm, April 7, 2019
After beating the huge reptile Porokoa, and talking with Humaire, I had avaiable a new combat for defending my crown. I didn´t played it. I left Kazuwari and went to play the third DLC. Now, I've returned to the crucible to start the fight but it's not avaible on the list .   Can I trigger (via c..

Get the Titans Heart after setting fire to the powderhouse

8:12 pm, April 6, 2019
I'm doing "The Slaying Face's Hunt for the Titan's Heart" and I need to go to the Fleet Master's Office in The Brass Citadel.   I already set fire to the powderhouse sneakily (Current main story quest: I have to go to Ukaizo  ) and I can't enter into the Citadel without fighting. Two guards protec..

[SPOILERS]� Missing dialogue options? | Ruasare, Wahaki ranga, re:slavers

8:12 pm, April 6, 2019
When talking to Ruasare, the wahaki ranga, about the Crookspur slavers, I get the sense that there ought to be at least one more dialogue option for accepting/ending the conversation.   As it stands, even if the Watcher initates the conversation about Crookspur ("I also seek vengeance against the s..

Engaging Eder Build

6:12 pm, April 5, 2019
Two points please:   First, is the Engaging Eder build ok to use as your main tank?   Second, I've read several posts about this build in the forums and ran a google search for the build.  The only link to the build that google has leads you to a forum post here that describes the build but does ..

Do Empower Power Level Bonus and Ascendant buff stack ?

7:12 pm, April 4, 2019
Hi all ! First post, hope it's in the right section. Title. If this has been asked before, I'm sorry. I couldn't find an answer from an internet search !

How would you change penetration values or would you change them at all?

7:12 pm, April 4, 2019
Basically the title.   Making some small mods for myself mostly,thinking on the concept of armor\penetration.   Looking for some opinions on penetration system!

Jadaferlas Ashen Maw

7:12 pm, April 4, 2019
Anyone do anything interesting in the conversation with Jadaferlas?  I easily snuck in and out with the loot, and killed the poor beast, but curious if there is any cool interactions - like getting him to attack Eothas or leave before the mountain explodes?

Whats Kraken Eye Used For?

6:12 pm, April 3, 2019
Hi there,   Im in the middle of my second playthrough and I wonder if Kraken Eye was changed.As far as I remember It was used to upgrade gear but I can' see it in any of my recipies.Im a bit confused,send help.

Are Affliction Resistances too strong / too easy to obtain?

5:12 pm, April 2, 2019
Deadfire affliction resistances downgrade afflictions by a tier, which basically means :   Mig resistance : Immune to stuns Con resistance : Immune to 100% heal reduction Dex resistance : Immune to paralyze Per resistance : Immune to blind Int resistance : Immune to dominate Res resistance : Immune..

still possible to make custom companions?

5:12 pm, April 2, 2019
haven't played in a bit. was dismayed to learn that upon creating a new character I could no longer create some custom companions to fill out my party till I get the ones I want at the first inn.   Anyone know if this is still an option

Beast of Winter Disappointed Me

4:12 pm, April 1, 2019
I invested $10 and a few days of playtime in BoW expansion and found a lot to like, but the final boss defeated me. I researched him and found there were a few skills that might have helped IF ONLY I'd had the foresight to acquire them, but I hadn't needed them up to then and there was no way to get..

Extremely wild display bug during combat -- anyone seen this?

3:12 pm, March 31, 2019
So, after finishing PoE1, I continued to Deadfire, but it seems to me that some bugs have definitely got worse along the way. I just got into a fight, and there's a line in the combat log saying "Leyla abandoned casting Stunning Blow". That's all well and good -- except that I'm getting this message..

Best Items to use Mythical Adra Stones on?

3:12 pm, March 31, 2019
Just wondering what everyones views are on the best way to use these ?   IMO ordinary weapons don't really seem like the best use, as a lot of the time if you need to penetrate something it'll be more effective just switching weapon and getting a different damage type. I don't see the +1 Pen from m..

Wanna play something unique (and pure spellcaster)

3:12 pm, March 31, 2019
My party should be: Druid chanter (Tekehu), monk rogue (Mirke), paladin fighter (pellegina), cipher barbarian (Serafen)   That leaves priest, ranger, wizard. I do not want to play Ranger wizard. Only other options are Priest Wizard/Priest Ranger - I hate priest. If I have to repeat a class in this ..

A few chanter (bellower) related questions

3:12 pm, March 31, 2019
So I am back to the game after a long break to experience all the new content, and I started a new playthrough with a single class bellower. So far I really like the "few very powerful invocations" playstyle.   Chanter is the class I have the leat experience with (with maybe monks), so I have a fe..

Jack of all trades build.

2:12 pm, March 30, 2019
Hello again,   I am looking for a precise build that I can just copy paste to have 5 of. For example 5 Kind wayfarer/Soul blade or something like that. i'd greatly appreciate if you included different weapon sets you can use for this build, best race and the strongest abilities you spam. I'd like f..

Dragon Pendant question

1:12 pm, March 29, 2019
Is the game coded not to give more than one of these from the shipwrecks/abandoned villages etc random loot tables? (Because it's "Unique" ?)

Is there a dedicated list as to what conditions activate which enchants?

1:12 pm, March 29, 2019
Getting tired of having to save scum enchants, testing each weapon one by one, beating on my pet companion with spells/normal attacks in order to figure out what is triggered by spells or not due to the halfassed descriptions. A problem is there could be hidden variables like things only activating ..

Any estimated date for 4.2 beta?

1:12 pm, March 29, 2019
If none has been communicated yet, any estimations on when we can hope to get our hands on it?

Deadfire Polishing Poll

12:12 pm, March 28, 2019
Deadfire Polishing Thread has been opened for 3 weeks by now, and we gathered enough feedback for a dedicated poll.And the idea behind this poll is to filter through the community-originated fine-tuning suggestions and cut those that didn't make it past a certain threshold of unanimity.After that, t..

If you didnt look it up, how are you supposed to know where to find evidence of Furrantes slaver involvement?

12:12 pm, March 28, 2019
This quest still bugs me and shows the archaic marriage to old school RPG quest design. First off, it does make some sense the evidence in his room. But nothing at all points you in that direction. Secondly, he doesn't care at all that just go in and take it, which is typical of a cRPG where you can..

Playing a Priest of Eothas

10:12 am, March 26, 2019
and I've noticed that there is not a lot of gear for buffing priest spells. The only item I've found so far is Xoti's Lantern. Maybe I'm missing something? I know there's fire and frost PL boosting items but I'm playing more of a support build. Either way, I'm having fun.

So...where are all of the abilities gained in POE1?

10:12 am, March 26, 2019
The save import even takes into account things like scale breaker and whether you learned it or not, what faction you sided with in Defiance Bay yet doesnt seem to give a crap about giving you much back in game but that's really the tip of the iceberg. Is there a reason in the lore why the watcher w..

Items disappearing

10:12 am, March 26, 2019
So i had the sabre tarn's respite for the longest time on my character, but i don't have it anymore, it disappeared. However, i can still enchant the item, but is nowhere in my stash or player/party inventory.   I tried to enchant the sabre to see if the way it is coded would replace my item with a..

Pure Wizard vs Blood Mage vs Evoke, Nature Godlike vs Helmets

10:12 am, March 26, 2019
Just wondering what peoples' views are on the issues in the title?   Wizard Subclasses   I feel like the current limitations on spell selections for specialist Wizards and the recovery penalty don't seem to outweigh the loss of access to two spell schools?   Is losing access to Transmutation (Com..

Something I didnt understand about the ending

10:12 am, March 26, 2019
So.   Eothas is destroying the thingamagic that makes souls pass to the other worlds, and back. Without it, souls can't be reborn, and eventually people aren't born with souls, right?   So how did it things work without that thingy? It was build by the Engwithans, or something right? How did stuff..

Liberating Exhortation: Temporarily Suspends All Hostile Effects?

10:12 am, March 26, 2019
I have been experimenting a bit with some things and wanted to see if something is buggy or not but Liberating Exhortation or rather its affect applies to all Hostile Effects, including Afflictions?, meaning that a party member blinded should temporarily be freed of that? or Sickened? or Charmed? be..

How to apply Brilliant to oneself?

9:12 am, March 25, 2019
Admittedly I haven't played with any other classes besides Ranger/Wizard (Geomancer) I see two item enchantments that could apply Brilliant, are there any other ways? Spoiler ..

Using consumables without quickslots? Any way?

9:12 am, March 25, 2019
Remember back in POE1 when you could drag and drop drugs, food etc onto your character from the inventory to use them? Those sure were the days. Apparently practicality and ease of use is a thing of the past in this game. Is there any way around this? Mod? I don't want to have to equip items to quic..

So an Assassin might be squishy...

9:12 am, March 25, 2019
But I've never a seen Mage go down that fast. Equip: Lover's Embrace + Soulbound Dagger Blackblade Hood + Stalking Cloak (I'm using Devil Caroc but I think there are a bunch of other candidates) Swift Gloves + Time Dilation Ring + Sash of Judgement, and ofcourse, Assassin slippers. Striking from ..

Performance issue on GOG copy

9:12 am, March 25, 2019
I apologize if this has been posted. I've not found any discussion here, and I also apologize for this not being in the Tech support section, which clearly labels itself as being for the Beta's and Steam....   Anyhow, as stated, I'm on the GOG version of the game, with all expansions. I took a long..

Some particular Deadfire feedback

9:12 am, March 25, 2019
Hello there!   After sinking a couple hundred hours into and enjoying the hell out of Deadfire, I feel like I should share a few of my impressions.   For me Deadfire is a huge step-up to an already amazing first installment. I still like the Dyrwood's setting and story-line more, but the combat in..

Scourge of Bezzello and Arcane Archer

8:12 am, March 24, 2019
Do these work together? I am playing Bard/AA build. This bow seems just perfect for a bard.

Critique and suggestions for solo Brawler?

8:12 am, March 24, 2019
I'd want to prep a character for a solo PotD game. I'm set on her being a Brawler, a duelist for hire. I'd be grateful if you could point out any glaring mistakes or improvements to be made with this build:   Human Devoted (rapier ?) / Monk (no subclass) Maxed DEX and PER   Talents: Level 1: Disc..

Dorudugan with vanilla NPCs?

8:12 am, March 24, 2019
Hi all,   Started my second playthrough of Deadfire recently now that all of the expansions are out. Playing on POTD, balance has been great - the game really takes everything the original did and makes it 100% better.   After beating Belranga after a good amount of trial and error, I've run up ag..

People trolling the POE2 Steam site ...

7:12 am, March 23, 2019
I guess people really feel offended by the TOW / Epic Games thing, they are trolling the reviews of POE2 ... and POE1 on Steam.  I don't get why people wouldn't want to play this game because of that though, seems kind of silly. Attached Thumbnails ..

Help me with PotD character!Pretty please =)

7:12 am, March 23, 2019
I've just made a huge post and clicked "post new topic" but the whole thing got deleted...amazing...gotta cut it short this time...     Im planning on a PotD solo run but im kind of a noob so im a bit scared.I've played through the game once as soon as it came out(on veteran monk\fighter)   Can s..

What was the party composition you enjoyed the most so far ?

7:12 am, March 23, 2019
Just wondering what was the class combinations (SC or MC) you had the most enjoyed through the game ? Not necessary the strongest or broken ones, just the ones you were the most excited to play.   For me it was probably the MC : "ancient druid / blood mage" using only DOT and Decay spells. Skaen pr..

Help me choose. Blood Mage or Warlock (BM/Furyshaper)

7:12 am, March 23, 2019
It’s been some time since I last played the game so there are 2 DLCs I haven’t tried and the “new” subclasses are new to me. I’m trying to decide, well, as per the title. I will be playing veteran with a party so I realise I won’t need much in the way of min-maxing but it is my MC and I ..

How to create a watercolor portraits. Photoshop guide.

7:12 am, March 23, 2019
For those peoples who have access to PS and want a create watercolor for character, but don't know what to do exactly. I desided to make dedicated topic (maybe it should be pinned), becose it's will be easier to find this information, rather than i simply post it in Portraits topic. Also becose i wa..

Whats with all the grazes?

7:12 am, March 23, 2019
So I started a new game to try out the turn based mode (I like it so far, even if it's kind of slow), but it's really made me notice how often grazes occur.  It seems like a ludicrous number of my attacks result in grazes, even when my to-hit chance on each character is 85% or higher on most enemie..

Is there something going on traps?

6:12 am, March 22, 2019
Not only can I disarm them without officially 'noticing' them, but I am noticing them a heck of a lot less. Which is currently really annoying in BoW where I can't disarm the hole-in-the-ground traps.

AoE Affliction with AoE Weapons

6:12 am, March 22, 2019
So, it's been a while now that AoE Weapons do not apply Afflictions in an AoE anymore.   I'm currently planning my next party and it's quite a big problem to not know when it will be fixed, and even IF it will be fixed. We can't even be sure it is not a Silent Nerf.   Honnestly, this is quite anno..

Suggestions and tips for a custom party PotD Playthrough

6:12 am, March 22, 2019
For my next playthrough I want to build a whole custom party on potd difficulty. While I´m pretty sure of how using some slots, I´m not sure about all of them.   1. Tank: Fighter / Paladin: I´m playing a fighter/paladin in my current playthrough and I realy like him. He can tank anything and he ..

How do you...

5:12 am, March 21, 2019
Play the Aristocrate background ?    This is a call to all Role players , who find the background important enough to stop and muse which one they should pick .    Imagine if that background give you tie to the Queen..lol and you play as Amauna    Plz share with me any insight , since I neve..

Toughest battles?

5:12 am, March 21, 2019
I was recalling my last play-through and comparing it to other runs, specifically thinking about which battles were the toughest.   I would like to hear everyone's opinion.  Without parsing data, this is my gut-check list, playing on POTD upscaled:   Regular battles: 1) Hanging Sepulchers  I saw..

degnos satchel

5:12 am, March 21, 2019
how can you reveal degnos betrayal to avetta? there's no such options. i only can talk to degnos in queen's berth. only options i have is to return the satchel to degnos. any ideas?   also.. i skip the meeting with talfor.

Opinion on crowdfunded games

5:12 am, March 21, 2019
Do crowdfunded games yield sloppy programming due to the fact that money had changed hands before any game has materialized? What incentive is there for developers to provide a quality product when they have been paid in advance? I often wonder if this has negatively affected this game, as I've been..

Handedness for stealth attacks and full attacks

4:12 am, March 20, 2019
I've been trying to make Lover's Embrace work on rogue multiclasses but since it seems TLK can only really be used as a fight opener due to its "on stealth" not triggering off invisibility, assuming equal speed weapons on both hands, is it certain that one hand will always hit first when doing a ful..

Help Character Build - Devoted/Assassin or Devoted/Soulblade?

4:12 am, March 20, 2019
Hi, for my new run on veteran / poftd i am looking for an PC with strong Single-Target Damage. I already have 2 other Companions who deal AoE, so I want to have an "Finisher" for special Single-Targets. Therefore I decided for a Devoted Fighter with Dual Wield Swords (can also be 2H Spezilisation if..

Greater Lay on Hands and Scaling With PL

4:12 am, March 20, 2019
Why doesn't Greater Lay on Hands healing scale with PL like regular LoH?  Because of the inspiration it gives?  Just curious to see if this is a bug or intended.

Them Legacy!

4:12 am, March 20, 2019
ok , so making a new legacy..and omg ! I don't remember half of those choices...   So had to use the wiki and all that . But there is one thing , at the beginning Berath say that I kinda screw her? I picked the choice where it say ''I pledged myself to ALL the gods'' and after that she kinda get m..

Expansion Pack Advice

3:12 am, March 19, 2019
I'm on my first full play through, around 14th level, and have not traveled to the Ashen Maw for He Waits in Fire yet. Is it better to play the 3 expansions before finishing the main game or vice versa? I'm thinking in terms of game flow, access to items, and challenge. Opinions are appreciated!..

So about those dlc..

2:12 am, March 18, 2019
So I havent touched the game since..well..since it came out . Boo is meh lol I have been busy like hell with life and such . Y'know how it goes .    So since the game came out , can someone share with me what has been added and such ? worth doing a new playtrough ? anything I should look forward t..

Spells not working

1:12 am, March 17, 2019
Spell's not working. I have a wizzard level for who should be able to F.I. cast Fan of Flames. However when i select the FofF spell, the wizard speaks the spell but further nothing happens. However this wizzard can use Minolettas minor missiles. The spells that can not be used have an 'open' diamond..

More content?

1:12 am, March 17, 2019
Ok, is there a chance we get some additional content for the game? I want, but cannot really hope for a whole adventure, but some Mega boss fights at least?   Or the game is finish with the patch for turn based mode?   Best regards!

Please help me decide my PotD Turn-Based Party

1:12 am, March 17, 2019
Hello there. This will be my 2nd time through the game (sided with the Huana the first time so I'd like to choose a different path). I only used story companions the first time through, so this play through I'm probably going to do most/all custom characters so I can try out some fun builds. Any adv..

game wasted opportunities with Pallegina

1:12 am, March 17, 2019
Pallegina should have been like Viconia in baldurs gate.. through dialogues (perhaps through romance) , your character should have been able to change pallegina views regarding the republics, changing pallegina personality. dont undestand why pallegina in poe2 lacked criticism for the republics. i t..

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Pillars of Eternity 2


Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is a role-playing video game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Versus Evil.



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