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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is a role-playing video game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Versus Evil. more

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How is Touch of Death so bad?

10:12 am, April 23, 2019
Both Death Ring (Wizard PL6) and Boil Their Flesh (Chanter PL7) can destroy a bunch of near death enemies at once from across the map. Touch of Death (Druid PL9!) can destroy one near death (i.e. mostly dead anyway) enemy in melee range only? How did this garbage spell get put next to Great Maelstro..

Thank you for pillars of eternity

10:12 am, April 23, 2019
I could write alot about, but my english wont allow me to write it so much, so well.   I just found plenty of negative reviews of some part of the game i do not agree   So   I falled in love in PoE for this combat system. I didnt liked the story, characters. There was to much informations and gam..

need help with Pukestabber Build

10:12 am, April 23, 2019
Hey y'all,   the past few days I've been searching the forums but am yet to find what I am looking for, so I'd be thankful if someone with the proper knowledge could help me out.   My predicament is the following:   1) I want to play pukestabber. Period.   2) I want the build to be lightning fas..

Afflictions against enemies w/ Resistance in Turn-based causes it to calculate in real-time

10:12 am, April 23, 2019
Sorry if this has been raised before, curious if anyone else experiencing a bug in turn-based where if you apply a Stun to a Might Resistant enemy, it downgrades it to a Daze like expected, but the daze will have a duration in real time.    I started having to press pause in turn-based because I k..

Way to stack Penetration/reduce AR regardless of weapon type and spells

5:12 am, April 22, 2019
Hey so trying to figure out what’s the maximum penetration u can get regardless of whatever weapon u use or spell u cast. 1. Blackened Plate gives -1 AR to nearby enemy. 2. Tier 2 Might inspiration/potion of piercing strike/+2 PEN food/weapon modal, to be noted these are considered active bonus an..

Trickster Synergy?

12:12 am, April 21, 2019
Heyo, I wanted to know if someone could tell me what multiclasses would be best with trickster synergy wise as I really want to play one and preferably melee with dual wield. I just have a hard time comming up with anything really.   I appreciate every help!

Funny thing about Living Illusion and Ranger

12:12 am, April 21, 2019
Just found that every illusion you summon will have a pet! So once I invoke Living Illusion, 4 addition bear appears! And the illusion works really good with ranged characters   Edit: also unlike the illusion you summoned, the pets summoned is treated as normal pet and cannot be one shot as illusi..

POE2 Webby Nomination

12:12 am, April 21, 2019
Some news:   http://thegg.net/press-releases/pillars-of-eternity-2-has-been-nominated-for-best-adventure-game-and-best-writing-in-the-23rd-annual-webby-awards/   Best Adventure Game and Best Writing   Well ... The sidequests and even the main quest for my were pretty memorable, so happy for them...

Can Anyone Mod Deadfire Class System into POE 1?

7:12 pm, April 19, 2019
I really want to try my Deadfire multiclasses in Caed Nua.  One of the problems with Deadfire is that there simply isn't enough enemies to test your build on.     Speaking of which, what multiclass will you bring into Caed Nua? (For me it's herald + ascendant/helwalker).  ..

SSS - Changeling Dance with solo Monk PotD upscaled

7:12 pm, April 19, 2019
Hi Watchers! Its a tought battle really, have you ideas how can i beat them in Ironclad Form with monk? Ty

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