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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is a role-playing video game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Versus Evil. more

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When is PoE2 out of beta?

7:12 pm, March 3, 2019
Title says it all. Does anyone know as I'm itching to restart the game in turn-based mode and wanted to wait until it's an offical release?

Im a bit confused with some things after importing my POE1 save...

7:12 pm, March 3, 2019
So...some questions... I'm not the same race that I was in POE1, how does anybody recognize me? The steward, Eld engrim, Pallegina...etc etc etc Also, speaking of Pallegina, my import was from my solo run, I never did any of the companion quests, obviously never took any of them with me(killed some ..

Custom Party not too Micro intensive.

7:12 pm, March 2, 2019
I'd like to make a custom party having one of each race minus godlike And I kind of prefer to have 2 melee main tank + off tank and 3 ranged 1 caster, 1 Kiting ranged DPS and a ranged healer.  I'd like for the builds to have synergy and something in common. Like no 2 paladin multiclasses or somethi..

Not much here for the Hunter class

7:12 pm, March 2, 2019
I've been looking at builds and I gotta say there is not much for Hunters. Right now I'm playing a Stalker/Devoted as my MC and she's pretty solid. My accuracy is insane with all the buffs that come from both classes. Marked enemy, disciplined barrage, stalkers link, etc and I'm critting almost 40%..

Choice To Use Unupgraded Abilities - Feature Request

7:12 pm, March 2, 2019
The issue is that once an upgrade has been chosen for an ability, it is no longer possible to use the original, non-upgraded form, in most cases.   I would like the ability to still use the non-upgraded form.   If I'm not mistaken, there is already a precedent for this, as Lay on Hands is still ca..

FS Collection area

7:12 pm, March 2, 2019
I'm a bit confused here.  I'm currently in the Forgotten Sanctum's collections area (2nd level), but I'm rather confused about what I should be doing.  I have the two scrolls from Tayn and Llengrath.  But should I be entering each of these containment cells to check out the people?  or should I ..

Unique dialogue report +DLC?

7:12 pm, March 2, 2019
any way someone  enables a report for unique dialogues of deadfire plus the dlcs ? poe 1 already has the report regarding the dlcs unique dialogues.

Any way to enable unique dialogues of a class for another class?

7:12 pm, March 2, 2019
Is it possible to enable dialogues for a class that you do not have? for example, enable druid dialogues for monks (contemplative)  , os is it impossible ?

Needs more DLC

7:12 pm, March 2, 2019
I think it was kinda dissapointing that sefyra (adra dragon)  is not in poe 2, either as a draco lich (if you killed her) or as a high level old principi pirate (if you let her took falanroed body)  in poe 2. another thing that needs work, is that some classes (like the monks) are kinda ignored in..

Uncustomizable Grimoires...

7:12 pm, March 1, 2019
Aloth's neat, careful calligraphy has been painted across the pages, forming an orderly catalogue of the spells he's learned and the incantations required to cast them. Arcane symbols shimmer and writhe across the pages, ready to absorb and channel energy. You feel traces of Aloth's essence within t..

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