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Is it Possible to Beat MegaBosses With Hyleas Challenge?

11:12 pm, January 25, 2019
Anyone?    I may have to restart as I just realized how awful Hylea's challenge is.  (You cannot control Vela.  She moves on her own).  

AoE weapons (Whispers otEP, Citzals, Mortars etc.) dont apply afflictions in an area anymore

9:30 pm, January 25, 2019
Basically the title:   tested them nearly all now: if it's rogue's strikes or monk's stunning surge or whatever - the effect will only get applied to the initial target, not the AoE.   Bye bye my beloved Soul Blade with Whispers and Mortar Monk. First they take away Turning Wheel from you and now ..

Light of Pure Zeal + Summons + Divine Retribution

7:25 pm, January 25, 2019
Holy shi-.  Someone else's idea first, but it deserves its own thread.   Ok, no one ever thinks about Paladin single classes as the general consensus is "they're not that great."   But Divine Retribution (PL 9) gives +2 Zeal on Downed allies.   SUMMONS COUNT AS DOWNED ALLIES.   So the idea is t..

Playing order (Main game + DLCs)

6:12 pm, January 25, 2019
Hey guys,   Now that I finally chose a class to go with (took 4 characters to Neketaka to make the decision, ouf), I'm wondering what's the recommended playing order for the DLCs. I'm currently level 10.   Thanks in advance! <3  

Single class Bloodmage for a Turn based run

2:12 pm, January 25, 2019
So, single-class wizard (no sub) has been my favorite class. I played my last run when Beast of winter came out (didnt play 2nd and 3rd dlc yet), so i didnt try Bloodmage yet. I'm wondering if i play Bloodmage or a no-sub again in my Turn-based run. I have always played my wizard as a glass-canon ca..

4 Chanter Party for Magrans and Hyleas Challenge

9:12 am, January 25, 2019
2 Heralds (1 Troubadour, 1 Beckoner).   2 Chanters (1 Troubadour, 1 Beckoner) 1 Ascendant/Helwalker (for echoplastic echo and amplified waves).     Idea's pretty simple:    Summon weapons or allies. Use troubadours to buff them for more penetration.   Amplify wave everything.     Win. ..

Any builds that use new subclasses ?

8:12 am, January 25, 2019
Return after stop playing it for a while. Found out that there a a lot more subclasses to select But almost every builds here use the old subclasses from patch 2.0 Are the new subclasses suck ? I just wanna play with the new subclasses , please help !

atrubute effects in turn based mode

7:23 am, January 25, 2019
is intellect + -ability duration useless for class abilities with less than 2 round duration? can't drop below -35% and cant reach +50%. similarly is +-hostile effect duration from resolve also useless against abilities with less than 4 round duration?   does extremely high or low initiative ever g..

Carnage of the Minions: Summons and Berserker and Old Seic Chant

4:23 am, January 25, 2019
Here's an interesting idea:   Old Seic's chant gives back 12% of damage done as healing.  So the more damage you do, the more healing you get back.   Berserkers are confused, meaning that their attacks hit friend and foe.  They also get carnage, which also hits friend and foe if confused.    ..

In The Next POE (III): Would You Like To See The Remaining Godlike Revealed?

12:33 am, January 25, 2019
Or at least some of them? 

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