The Crew 2
The Crew 2 is an upcoming open world racing video game developed by Ivory Tower and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is the sequel to 2014's The Crew. more

The Crew 2

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Erro de conexão tre crew 2

3:12 pm, June 16, 2019
Boa noite venho informar por meio desse topico que comprei TRE CREW 2 a pouco tempo e da erro de conexao ja pesquisei e de tds as formas n consegui resolver o meu problema de conexão, seria capaz de reembolsar ou me ajudarem a resolver meu problema, Desde já agradeço :louco:..

Stuck On the Start Your Story Page

4:12 am, June 15, 2019
Okay, I am having a problem with the initial load screen now, I assume after the last update. The game keeps getting hung up on the "Start Your Story" page. I can click on "X" for Okay (PS4 Pro), but that same screen keeps coming back, and I can't move forward into the game. Note that if I do nothin..

The Eight AI bug

3:12 am, June 15, 2019
Hello, While playing around with DD races, encountered an issue with AI in The Eight race. The AI will switch to derby coding after the first corner, making them not trying to win the race. This was caused by starting the Aircraft Cemetary, and aborting after going through the gates, and then sta..

Game menu keeps scrolling up when controller is plugged in

3:12 am, June 15, 2019
I bought the crew 2 because it was on sale, and tried to play it with a controller plugged in but the menu just kept scrolling up like the thumb stick was stuck. Can somebody please help?

Display issue since new patch (june 13th 2019)

3:12 am, June 15, 2019
Hello, I have a display issue in game since the latest patch. The game was working fine last week and and after installing a big 9 GB update today, I have something similar to a driver issue. I do not see the sky...I only see my car and it is not playable. I just updated the drivers for my RTX 2060..

Game crashes after the huge update

3:12 pm, June 13, 2019
The game loads for a few seconds then nothing happens. Anybody having problems with opening the game?

Broken Photo in Activities. Top Notch.

3:12 pm, June 13, 2019
This is one Top Notch Photo. Can it be fixed or stays broken. Apparently i have a few broken photos?? Will they just stay broken. I just found out. How some became broken i don`t have any idea...

New update?

3:12 pm, June 13, 2019
Crew 2 is in the process of doing a massive update on my PC? Is this some new content? If so, what? Or is it just as a result of the maintenance earlier today?

Videocard verclocking tool shuting down with game launch

3:12 pm, June 13, 2019
Videocard overclocking tool shuting down with game launch Hello! Windows 10 Pro 1809 (17763.557), i5-8400, RAM 8GB, GTX 1050Ti. Videocard made by Gigabyte and I using their brand tool for overclocking and checking temperature "XTREME GAMING ENGINE" (overclocking needs, because videocard is pretty ..

This Week in TC2 June 11th

2:12 pm, June 13, 2019
Gearheads! Curious about what’s happening this week in TC2? You’re in the right place. LIVE SUMMIT - LAS VEGAS SCENIC TOUR (JUNE 12 - JUNE 18) Las Vegas, the city of lights, is ready for you to set the Strip on fire! Hop in your favorite ride and show them how you own the place. It’s show..

[COMPLETED] The Crew 2 Maintenance | June 12th [XB1][PS4][PC]

2:12 pm, June 13, 2019
We will be conducting a maintenance on The Crew 2 at 8AM UTC - 11AM UTC on Wednesday, June 12th, on PC, PS4, XB1 Expected downtime is 3 hours and players will not be able to connect to the game in the meantime.Changelog:[FIXED][WEB]: Inconsistencies between game and thecrew-hub LIVE Summit calendar..

Games slow down computers

3:12 am, June 12, 2019
Do games slow down computer? Or other factors?

Help: Character stuck at HQ when trying to buy new car

5:12 pm, June 10, 2019
I played through the opening got my cars and plane and boat just fine. Won some races everything seems fine. Then I go to buy a new car at the LA HQ and when I hit A to select my character just freezes. I can look around and jump and zoom. The audio keeps playing people are moving around but I am st..

Missing season pass

4:12 pm, June 10, 2019
Its been months since this happened. I've done everything, proof of purchase etc. All you did was giving me CC for May vehicles. This is happening to so many people worldwide but there is no update on this issue whatsoever. I even created a thread couple of days back and no one even care. As i see i..

Environment stops loading / car stuck at set speed

3:12 pm, June 10, 2019
Images of the issue here: I've never seen this issue before and I've been playing the game since the initial release. Today during my New York races my game stops loading and the car freezes at a set speed and doesn't move. Resetting will fix the issue as well as going i..

The Crew 2 Maintenance | June 12th [XB1][PS4][PC]

2:12 pm, June 10, 2019
We will be conducting a maintenance on The Crew 2 at 8AM UTC - 11AM UTC on Wednesday, June 12th, on PC, PS4, XB1 Expected downtime is 3 hours and players will not be able to connect to the game in the meantime.

Infinite wheelie glitch

4:12 am, June 9, 2019
Hi there i found a glitch with the Kawasaki Ninja h2 where you can basically do an infinite wheelie. In order to do it you need to set the bike to manual then go in the 1st gear and go above 30km/h now accelerate and do a wheelie and just before you die go to the gear 0 or N and you will go at 14km..

Season pass not sync with my account

4:12 am, June 9, 2019
I have had this problem since the end of April. Every was fine before then suddenly, it says that i don't own a season pass which doesn't make sense since i bought Gold Edition. I tried going into PSstore but it still won't sync with my Season pass. I contacted customer support and they gave me CC f..

infinite boost....... This is a big problem.... please fix it

3:12 am, June 9, 2019
Some people will probably hate me if i dont share this because they think im keeping it secret to use it for myself or something. Other people will hate me if i do share it because they think i just want everyone to expliot this. if im going to be hated either way... might as well pick the option th..

1 mese di segnalaziooni .. nessuna risposta casi chiusi 1 tiket aperto sen.risposta

3:12 am, June 9, 2019
Egregi signori state violando le regole dei videogiochi.. in un gioco dove sono previsti dei record mondiali effettuati molto... ma molto prima che il gioco venisse aggiornato+ volte.. alla quale i veicoli avevano un accelerazione molto ma molto+ maggiorata è con esso la velocità massima... Ad..

Loot pickup notifications stay on screen

3:12 am, June 9, 2019
Finished the NY-SF hypercar race on ACE with the Performante and a complete set of Fame Magnet parts. When I picked up the loot afterwards the notifications came on screen five at a time instead of one by one and they stayed there even when I went into the menu. Had to quit the game.

Live replay bug

4:12 pm, June 7, 2019
Hello, i want to address a bug occuring with the live replay because i tried using it for a montage of roadtrip style driving(meaning driving the speed limit) and whenever i view back the replay the car keeps going at random angles and levitate and randomly drifts thus ruining the whole replay..

Logitech G29 wheel on PC just dont work

3:12 pm, June 7, 2019
Just bought the game when I saw it works with my G29 wheel Started the game and it just dont work, i can set the controllers but the game just dont recognize the wheel properlly, i cant even configure the wheel Yes i've seen the others foruns about it, and has been more than 1 month and nothing ab..

summit issue

5:12 am, June 6, 2019
i had platinum on the last summit but i couldnt get the prefomante could i plz get a perfomante given to me gt: vaughngittinjr8

669000 crew credit?

4:12 am, June 6, 2019
Did anyone received a msg from technical support and offer 669000 crew credit as compensate for the issue of can't find the season pass??? What a joke about that!! I can sure that what we spent for those days that we can't use our season pass was way more than 669000!!! The worst part is they still ..

The crew 2 error code 0_1

3:12 am, June 6, 2019
Everytime i get this when i start the game keep in mind i recencly bought this game bought it today, "Unable to connect to the crew 2 servers please check your network connection" and its a error code 0_1, does anyone knows how to fix this?

This Week in TC2 -June 4th

2:12 am, June 6, 2019
Motornation! Here’s what’s happening this week in TC2! LIVE SUMMIT - ONE-TRACK MIND (JUNE 5 - JUNE 11) You can never stay away from the adrenaline of the racetrack: the precision, the tension, the crowd… It is where true champions can fully express themselves. Now, your turn to own the tr..

Losing money and parts

4:12 pm, June 4, 2019
Literally on eight different occasions I will either finish your race or be a minute away from the finish line and I will get an error message saying “ you have been disconnected from the crew two please contact customer service with a service number “ Game does this all the time I’ve lost o..

Repeating Server Error, Error.

5:12 pm, June 1, 2019
Game plays for maximum 5-10 minutes then server error with a different error code each time. Game has always done this to a varying degree but now it's worse than when the game started. All my other games function without server errors. Bit gutted as Crew 2 is awesome niche with no comparison out t..

Error code 3_37cf35e0_107 / ps4

4:12 pm, June 1, 2019
Since 2 hours, I cannot join the game. I have the error code 3_37cf35e0_107. I do not see any ubisoft update to do today. So what can it be? I'm not the only one who have the same error.

Cant start any ubisoft uplay game

3:12 pm, June 1, 2019
this is what is doing forever I still have it in taskbar for over an hour

records arent saved

3:12 pm, June 1, 2019
hi i came back to the crew 2 2 days ago as i had issues with my graphic card.. got now a new one and i knew the times were gone so i went to play my fave (touring cars) and wanted to do some tracks to get times there but after taking a break i see that none of my times are being saved.. what can th..

X-Box One Elite Controller - Bindings

3:12 pm, June 1, 2019
Version PC! So, after a year of driving i decided to buy myself an X-Box One Elite Controller. I wanted the Extra buttons for gearbox and leaning forward/backward. But - i cant bind these functions to the new buttons. They are just copys of the A B X Y Buttons. WHY??? 4 additional buttons you c..

This Week In TC2 – May 28

2:12 pm, June 1, 2019
Hello Gearheads! Let’s take a look at what’s happening in TC2 this week!LIVE SUMMIT - Untamed Italians (May 29 - June 4) Italian rides come with a strong legacy of performance and design. Considered by many as the most prestigious cars, these beauties definitely know how to race… and remain u..

Crew 2 server is trash and cheap

4:12 am, May 31, 2019
Slowest server out of all my games abd the only gane i play that i see lag in how terribly cheap you are

Menus/HUD gone

4:12 am, May 31, 2019
I finished the Detroit-Miami hypercar race and jumped off the ramp at the end, which caused me to be reset while the end-of-race overly long animation was still going. Afterwards my HUD was gone and I could not open any menu. Had to force quit with Alt-F4

[SURVEY] In-Game Radio

3:12 am, May 31, 2019
Gearheads, Thank you to all those who took the time to answer our handling survey, the results were both interesting and useful. This time, the audio team would like your feedback on the in-game radio, and would greatly appreciate you taking the time to fill in the below survey:IN-GAME RADIO: http..

Livery Display problem

5:12 pm, May 29, 2019
On the 2014 Corvette Stingray on the front left headlight panel decals will not show fromt he hood, but ont he right side they do, you have to go to the left side of the vehical and put decals ont here which are distorted to all hell when trying to match it up, small bug but annoying to people who d..

[Complete] The Crew 2 Maintenance | May 28th [XB1][PS4][PC]

4:12 pm, May 29, 2019
We will be conducting a maintenance on The Crew 2 at 8AM UTC - 9AM UTC on Tuesday, May 28th, on PC, PS4, XB1 Expected downtime is 1 hour and players will not be able to connect to the game in the meantime.Changelog:[FIXED]: Issue where incorrect vehicles able to be used in LIVE Summit skills..

error codes at start your story screen code0_1 and error code 0_8

8:12 am, May 28, 2019
Ive just spent 100 dollars on this game and would really like to play it but evrytime i go to log in and play i get error code 0_1 and 0_8 what do these mean?

The Crew 2 Maintenance | May 28th [XB1][PS4][PC]

5:12 am, May 28, 2019
We will be conducting a maintenance on The Crew 2 at 8AM UTC - 9AM UTC on Tuesday, May 28th, on PC, PS4, XB1 Expected downtime is 1 hour and players will not be able to connect to the game in the meantime.Changelog:[FIXED]: Issue where incorrect vehicles able to be used in LIVE Summit skills..

logitech g29 se va para la izquierda

8:12 pm, May 26, 2019
cuando estoy en el mundo abierto y acelero el auto se va para la izquierda, probe en otros juego y el volante funciona normal, instale y desinstale el LGS muchas veces y sigue sin funcionar, en impresoras y dispositivos el volante esta centrado, que mas puedo hacer?, ayuda por favor

Map + Fast Travel to event CRASH

8:12 pm, May 26, 2019
Hello. I got problem in game with fast travel to South Strip. When I fast travel to that event game just crash and this happening on map too. I don't know what to do. This start to happend after Hot Shots update. Thanks for any help with this.

Summit Page redirects to vehicles

11:12 am, May 25, 2019

Logged off for Inactivity?

11:12 am, May 25, 2019
Hi guys, I've just this past couple of day started playing "The Crew 2" and i thought i'd explore the map by going on a little road trip but everytime i go afk, then come back say after 10-15 minutes. I always get a message saying "logged off and taken back to the main menu due to inactivity" ..

error 0-1

10:12 am, May 25, 2019
hi bro i have ps4 with the crew 2 but i cant play that because in first time to use this game i have problem my problem is error code 0_1 i have uplay account and plus please help me:(

Season pass issue

10:12 am, May 25, 2019
Hello, I preordered The crew 2 Gold edition(from the PS Store Asia region) last year and the season pass has been working fine before. I didn't login to the game since Jan/Feb 2019 and only recently logged in when the hot shots update was released and was surprised to find that I did not receive th..

My friend and i cant play together

9:12 am, May 25, 2019
We were able to play the first day i got the game but after that ecery time he and i tries to go in a race together it says to him: "Failed to join event, you will play alone". We have already tried everything. We forwarded the required ports, our NAT type is open and green, we let the crew 2 throu..

difference between uplay files and steam files

9:12 am, May 25, 2019
i have crew 2 steam files when i try locate installed game files on uplay it says 'fail to validate files' is there any file i need to delete from my crew 2 steam backup in order to fix this issue

the crew2 always random make AMD Display Driver crash

9:12 am, May 25, 2019
:( im so sick this game always unfriendly to me this is only game will crash my AMD Display Driver.. i never seen other game will happen the same like this game... when i use 60fps recorded a the crew 2 video.. the video picture always freezing but when i playing the crew 2 even worse. this ga..

Live Summit Question

10:12 pm, May 23, 2019
Hi. I have three questions. 1.Is Vehicle Affix enabled or not ? 2.Is Vehicle Level max or current ? 3.Is Race Level normal or other ? Sorry,I'm a Japanese,so I can't use English very well. Thank you.

This Week in TC2 -May 21

10:12 am, May 22, 2019
Hello Motornation! Here’s what’s happening in TC2 this week! LIVE SUMMIT - TWO-WHEELER (MAY 22-28) This week, bikers are taking over Motornation. And you know what they say, only a two-wheeler can truly move your soul. In this challenge, as you understood, no four-wheels allowed: it is you ..

Problem with leaderboards

2:12 pm, May 19, 2019
This always happend after 30min play session... and this problem i had before and after patch. Still don't know why this happend...

Lost game performance since the last week

1:12 pm, May 19, 2019
Hy, I have experiencing a lost of performance since last week , even with the graphics on LOW im not able to play properly. I have a 1060 3 gb and a I7-6700k with 16gb of ram. The configuration is not the problem because i have been playing the game since launch always with this configuration withou..

Controller Button Remapping Issues

1:12 pm, May 19, 2019
Hi, I am having some issues with remapping my controller. What I want to do:Cars: Nitrous - Left Bumper Hand Brake - Right Bumper Gear up - A Gear Down - X Back On Track - YBoats: Nitrous - Left Bumper Back On Track - YPlanes: Nitrous - X Extreme Mode - A Yaw Left - Left Bumper Yaw Righ..

Logitech Driving Force Pro

1:12 pm, May 19, 2019
I do not know what I do, it does not work. Someone help me ?

[SURVEY] New Street Race Handling

1:12 am, May 18, 2019
Gearheads, the Dev Team needs your feedback! Our Hot Shots update in April introduced a swathe of vehicles, some with brand new Street Race beta handling (kitted out in unmistakable, black and white zebra liveries). We'd love to hear your thoughts on how all these vehicles handle, and would greatly ..

Crew 2 live summit

4:12 pm, May 16, 2019
Hi, I'm just wondering when I reach platinum on live summit can I leave it and wait for the rewards or do I have to keep playing to keep my platinum. Thanks

This week in TC2 – May 14th

2:12 pm, May 16, 2019
Hello Motornation! Here’s what’s happening in TC2 this week! LIVE SUMMIT - LIVE XTREM SERIES MIXTAPE (MAY 15 – 21) This special competition caters to all those with the heart for challenge. Air, ground and sea: the LIVE Xtrem series knows how to push you to your limits. Ready for more? He..

[COMPLETED] The Crew 2 Maintenance | May 15th [XB1][PS4][PC]

2:12 pm, May 16, 2019
We will be conducting a maintenance on The Crew 2 at 8AM UTC - 8.30AM UTC on Wednesday, May 15th, on PC, PS4, XB1 Expected downtime is 30 minutes and players will not be able to connect to the game in the meantime.Changelog:[FIXED]: Error _78 when recalibrating perf parts[FIXED]: Error_149 when scr..

Any update for all of us who having season pass issue?

4:12 am, May 15, 2019
Week has passed since you telling us anything. A lot of ppl already open the ticket including me but until now there is no fix for this missing season pass bonus content. I have been doing all your suggestions and it doesn't work. Can I get my money back? Just revoke my game license and refund me pl..

Repeating cutscene again and again

3:12 am, May 15, 2019
Hello My issue is in a video Note: I DIDN'T touch escape button First time i ve seen this cutscene long time ago (the beginning of it). But then and now, i cant able to skip this video. And it stopped by itself after a while (like in my youtube video). The problem is t..

Hello, I am a Korean PS4 user.

4:12 pm, May 13, 2019
Hi. People from other countries do not know ... For PlayStation 4 users in Korea, purchasing Gold Edition does not apply to Gold Edition. And the user who bought it before. This is what happened in the major patches of last April. Korean users are still a big problem. People in other countries..

Carro puxando para esquerda no volante g27 e para direita no joystick

3:12 pm, May 13, 2019
Ola. A dois dias atrás, de uma ora para outra, no volante g27, o carro começou a puxar para esquerda, já tentei de tudo e não consigo resolver. Configurei o joystick e neste controle, o carro puxa para a direita, no avião também. Nos barcos funciona perfeitamente, tanto no volante como no j..

My account is bugged at live Battle

3:12 am, May 12, 2019
My account have a issue that make the game crash before start a live battle, i alrdy make a ticket since 2018, i alrdy gave my account to lot of ppl and in every computer and country, before the live battle start, my account crash, i alrdy have a ticket but admins do nothing about it, anyone knows w..

Not gaining followers in free roam. Doesnt show money or cc

4:12 pm, May 10, 2019
PS4, No longer shows follower bar at bottom of screen during free roam. Cannot gain followers during free roam. No longer shows crew dollars or crew credits at top right. Can only gain followers by events. Can only see my dollars and credits when at an HQ when selecting a vehicle to purchase. Best g..

Boat Throttle Seems To be Stuck

3:12 pm, May 10, 2019
The past few days when im on the game, i was leveling up my boats and i noticed i was always losing. Then i noticed when i pushed the throttle down 100% The speedometer only said i have 65% thrust when i pull back, Not 100%. I never touched my settings, and i dont know why its doing this. Anyone h..

Crash at the start line

5:12 am, May 9, 2019
My game keeps crashing as I drive past the gate to the start line, does not seem to matter what vehicle or track I try to play. I just had the game crash 5 times in about an hour. I can race one race, upgrade my vehicle and then crashes before I can do another. The problem seemed to get progressiv..

Game keeps crashing when loading summit races(japan bike)

5:12 am, May 9, 2019
Been trying to do this for the past 2 hours, but the game will not let me do races in summit and will crash mid-load after picking my choice in vehicle. I don't know what I did because it was working just fine yesterday. Why is summit a buggy mess?

The Crew 2 Season Pass Error

4:12 am, May 9, 2019
i just bought the digital gold edition but when i loaded in the game i couldnt find my season pass content. in the playstation store it says that i already installed it but still i couldnt find my content. i tried restoring the licences and unplugging the ps4 but still it doesnt work. please help an..

The crew 2 season pass error

4:12 am, May 9, 2019
Can anyone help me? Ive just download standard the crew 2 weeks ago playing till icon 160 and today im trying to purchasing a season pass. But after purchasing, this not appear in my game. Theres anybody have same problem with me? Please help :( My case number 08825711

This Week in TC2 - May 7th

2:12 am, May 9, 2019
Motornation! Let’s take a look at what’s happening in TC2! LIVE SUMMIT - OFF THE BEATEN PATH (MAY 8 – 14) Who said racing was only on asphalt? It’s time for you to add a splash of mud to that shiny bodywork of yours. This week, go wild and head off the beaten path! Here’s what’s up for..

failed to join event (2 ps4 in same network)

4:12 pm, May 7, 2019
Hey, cant play the crew 2 with my friend. we're both in the same network (connected to the same router) we're able to create a crew and drive in the open world but if someone starts an event it says "failed to join event. you'll play alone" upnp is active and the router is allowd to auto open por..

Can’t download season pass

4:12 pm, May 7, 2019
I recently purchased the season pass from the ps store but there’s no download button just a text that says “purchased” I have the screenshot of the confirmation email but how can I upload it here?

No prosetting item

3:12 pm, May 7, 2019
Now, I bought new car. When I set performance setting, no prosetting item. So,other cars occur same phenomenon. Please tell me how to resolve. Sorry,I'm a Japanese,so I can't use English very well. Thank you.

3_cb5d8e77_149 game crash help!!!!

3:12 pm, May 7, 2019
as long as I resolve the car parts,it shows this 3_cb5d8e77_149 and I disconnected from the server

The Crew 2 Maintenance | May 15th [XB1][PS4][PC]

2:12 pm, May 7, 2019
We will be conducting a maintenance on The Crew 2 at 8AM UTC - 8.30AM UTC on Wednesday, May 15th, on PC, PS4, XB1 Expected downtime is 30 minutes and players will not be able to connect to the game in the meantime.

Disconnected while scraping parts and the limit is reached.

9:12 am, May 6, 2019
I got this error (3_cb5d8e77_149) while scraping parts en getting parts of the car while the limit of 15 not attached parts is reached. How do i solve this problem?

Problems With Sequential Gearbox Setting

9:12 am, May 6, 2019
Whenever I use sequential gearing i always have the same problem, i can shift up just fine through each gear but when it comes time to shift down the game shifts down two gears most of the time occasionally even three and just skips past whatever gear I'm trying to drop down to. I have tried on my X..

Missing season pass bonus

5:12 am, May 5, 2019
I bought golden edition in ps store on 26th April but still can’t get my season pass bonus. I’ve already submitted a case. One thing I’m not sure is what proof should I upload, my ps4 screenshots or the purchasing record in email?

Season pass bonus missing

5:12 am, May 5, 2019
Hei, I don't receive my season pass bonus after purchasing gold edition on psn today. No. Bonus cars, no bonus 20% discount, no bonus customization etc. I already complete mixed race and unlock hq. Still no season pass bonus. I can't even get my monthly cars bonus as well. Here is my ticket number ..

Season pass missing

5:12 am, May 5, 2019
I had the season pass but I can't get the latest update

live summit problems in crew

11:12 pm, May 3, 2019
Hello, when you start a live summit event being part of a crew, it doesn't start, forcing the players to force the game to close. This happens 3 times out of 4 to me and my friends ..... you have to fix it absolutely, thanks. regards

Season pass lost

7:12 pm, May 2, 2019
I buy gold edition PS4 can't get mitsubishi lancer evolution x,chaverolet corvette zr1 and discount ticket 20% missing same, waiting 6 day but now can't get it how long to fix that what will u compensate customer ?

where are my Uplay Club Rewards?

6:12 pm, May 2, 2019
hello, i logged into the crew 2 , and what a surprise my avi doesnt wear the denim jacket , i go to my appartement and what a surprise again, all Uplay rewards are missing, clothes, helmet, etc ... Where are they ? Sulfurion

Bought premium credits but havent got them ....

6:12 pm, May 2, 2019
As the title says... i purchased premium credits or whatever its called, been waiting for about more than 12 hours and yet i havent received it at all ... i already sent an email with proof of my purchase and yet no response.... any of the community managers who can help me out with this please? ki..

Game keeps kicking me out when scraping street car parts

3:12 pm, May 1, 2019
As the title says every single time I scrap parts for my street cars I get booted back to the main menu with an error code. I tried scraping parts of other discipline and it works fine. This could be game breaking if my mailbox is full and I have to get rid of parts in my inventory. Here's a short ..

Cant access season pass

2:12 pm, May 1, 2019
I bought the season pass yesterday night, even ps store show my that I have paid successfully. However, no matter how I try, I still not able to access to the season pass. Anyone can help me please.

Season pass dissapeared after updated my game

2:12 pm, May 1, 2019
So i bought the crew 2 gold edition from 2018 and my season pass was working fine,until i updated to the new hot shots update,my season pass completely dissapeared and i cannot access the crew credits store too,and the game tells me to buy the season pass even though when i already purchased it,heck..

Problems with San Francisco in The Crew 2

1:12 pm, May 1, 2019
I cant go to San Francisco or even put a waypoint there. I tried to fly there and got stuck on the edge of a grayed out square on the map. couldnt switch to boat or car to go somewhere else as both hovered in the air. Anybody know whats going on?


12:12 pm, May 1, 2019
Hey Gearheads! With Hot Shots out and in the wild, let’s take a look at what’s happening in TC2! RISING SUN (MAY 1 -7) Japanese racing culture is beyond anything you’ve seen. More than a hobby, it’s a real religion. Buckle up, get a firm grip on your wheel… and get ready to join the JDM-..


8:12 am, April 30, 2019
Since the hot shot update my game crashes so much , in 2 days ive had 8 crashes, had NONE before this update :P I should add im on windows 7 and have uninstalled/reinstalled after i tried to verify the game too aint nothin workin :(

Buying Deluxe Edition

8:12 am, April 30, 2019
I recently bought my deluxe edition of the game but it is still into trial version, I bought it when there was the free weekend promotion but I still didn't receive my game

[Completed] The Crew 2 Maintenance | April 29th [PC]

7:12 am, April 30, 2019
We will be conducting a maintenance on The Crew 2 at 8AM UTC - 10AM UTC on Monday, April 29th, on PC. Expected downtime is 2 hours and players will not be able to connect to the game in the meantime.Update: this maintenance is now complete, thank your for your patience...

Salt flat photo misson

6:12 am, April 29, 2019
I think this one is bugged because I can't get the text for the sign to go green even though it's in the shot. I've tried different angles and zooms, and the only time the text flickers green is when I'm panning the camera past it, but only at a speed, not slowly or bit by bit. I've even tried to ta..

Ai freeroam traffic gone?

6:12 am, April 29, 2019
Hey there, ive noticed since the update that there is no more traffic anywhere on the map... you can see them from a pretty far distance but they just dissapear. Is this intentional or a bug... i hope this is just a bug and you have not removed traffic.

Strange problem with the Crew

5:12 am, April 29, 2019
Hello, im a PS4 player, I face a problem with i cant see any of my galleries nor my ranking in summit (its like my account is not linked to my PSN but it is actualy) the strange thing is that it work correctly if i open it from my phone i want to mention that i have tried the crew..

seasonpass is missing

5:12 am, April 29, 2019
can't download seasonpass pls help me!!!

i cant play myt game

4:12 am, April 29, 2019
i dont no how can i do .............

Problems with latest update

1:12 am, April 28, 2019
AI Traffic honks at you for no reason You can be driving the speed limit in the proper lane and the oncoming AI Traffic blasts its horn at you.Nighttime still doesn't exist At this point since you can't fix vehicle headlights how about just increasing the nighttime gamma?Traffic lights not working..

The Crew 2 Details

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Jun 26, 2018


The Crew 2


The Crew 2 is an upcoming open world racing video game developed by Ivory Tower and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is the sequel to 2014's The Crew.





Ivory Tower

Release Date

29 June 2018


PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

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