Trion Worlds
Release Date

Our vision with Trove was simple: create a game that generates exciting new worlds on a regular basis, has free-form exploration that makes going through a mountain as rewarding as going over it, and enables community contributions to significantly impact the game. Then we took that core, made it persistent and accessible, and added in some of our favorite action RPG elements: you can adventure through unlimited dungeon variations, discover an endlessly increasing supply of loot, and harvest resources to craft a variety of useful and powerful items. Finally, we added the ability to create your very own trans-dimensional home. This base persists across worlds and servers, is completely customizable, and will grow and travel with you throughout your adventures. The result? Youll own a part of Trove no matter where we go or how the game evolves.

Trove is developed by Trion Worlds and published by Trion Worlds. The release date for Trove is 2014-03-01. Trove is playable on Microsoft Windows.

Some Trove Statistics

Trove has been mentioned in 141 news articles and blog posts. The first time it was mentioned in an article was on Apr 27, 2020 and the last time it was mentioned was on Jun 5, 2023 . The length of time this game has been mentioned in articles is 3 years, 1 months, 8 days, 21 hours, 36 minutes, 58 seconds.