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218League of Legends Patch 12.2 - Release Date, Zeri, the Spark of Zaun, Porcelain, Firecracker SkinsJan 12, 9:14 pm
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220LEGO Puts New Overwatch 2 Sets on Hold Due to Activision LawsuitJan 12, 9:14 pm
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246NARAKA: BLADEPOINT World Championship Will Begin On January 13thJan 12, 12:20 pm
247The Cruel King and The Great Hero for Switch & PS4 Gets New Trailer Highlighting Charming SongJan 12, 12:20 pm
248Crystal Clash is a new free-to-play MOBA tower defense deck-building gameJan 12, 12:20 pm
249Expeditions: Rome Gets New Trailer Introducing Julia CalidaJan 12, 12:20 pm
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261Macs World is coming to iOS and Android devices on January 24th, 2022Jan 12, 12:20 am
262Here are all of the details for the Pokemon GO Community Day in January 2022Jan 12, 12:20 am
263Niantic is working on making the Pokemon GO raid a better experienceJan 12, 12:20 am
264UK Government Coronavirus Email Opens Up Plague Inc On Your PhoneJan 12, 12:20 am
265Yoshi-P Asked FFXIV Players To Stop Being So Toxic Towards Developers During Radio Mog StationJan 12, 12:20 am
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270FIFA 22: EA Responds To High-Profile Accounts Being HackedJan 12, 12:10 am
271LEGO Overwatch 2 Set Delayed Over Workplace Allegations at Activision BlizzardJan 12, 12:10 am
272Call of Duty Is Teaming Up With Attack On Titan For a New EventJan 12, 12:10 am
273#SaveRedDeadOnline Is a Cry For Support From Red Dead Online Fans To RockstarJan 12, 12:10 am
274Disney Gargoyles: Awakening Board Game ReviewJan 12, 12:10 am
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277'High Possibility' Boneworks Dev Will Release Games On PSVR2Jan 11, 6:20 pm
278Monster Hunter Rise PC Review - Don't Fear the Rampage [Wccftech]Jan 11, 6:20 pm
279ELEX II - Combat TrailerJan 11, 6:20 pm
280FAR: Changing Tides - Release Date Announcement Trailer | PS5, PS4Jan 11, 6:20 pm
281Cotton 100% review - ChristCenteredGamerJan 11, 6:20 pm
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287Metroid Dread is Down to Just £30 in the UKJan 11, 6:10 pm
288A Fix for Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle Matchmaking Bug Is on the WayJan 11, 6:10 pm
289Warcraft Movie Director Wants To Make a Full Throttle FilmJan 11, 6:10 pm
290Rainbow Six Siege Has Changed Creative Director for the Third TimeJan 11, 6:10 pm
291Polish Studio Far From Home Unveils Next-Gen Sci-Fi Survival Game Forever SkiesJan 11, 6:10 pm
292Days Gone Sequel Would Have Explored a ‘More Technical Direction’Jan 11, 6:10 pm
293Call of Duty Warzone Facing Even More Problems With Invisible SkinsJan 11, 6:10 pm
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300Resident Evil 3 Remake Thicc Jill Mod Gameplay is something to behold in 8KJan 11, 12:20 pm
301Underappreciated Game of the Month: Due ProcessJan 11, 12:20 pm
302Insomnis: Long Night Edition is now available for the PS5 and PS4Jan 11, 12:20 pm
303Info About The Next FFXIV Expansion Coming End of February, Says Yoshi-PJan 11, 12:20 pm
304Armored Core Game Allegedly Revealed Along With Leaked ScreenshotsJan 11, 12:10 pm
305Xbox Series X|S Has Outsold All Previous Xbox Consoles At This Point In Their Life CyclesJan 11, 6:20 am
306Pokémon Go could be adding intrusive ads to the game, reveals leakJan 11, 6:20 am
3075 NFT-based blockchain games that could soar in 2022Jan 11, 6:20 am
308Mr. Vampire Out Now on AndroidJan 11, 6:20 am
309Dying Light 2 Can Be Completed In About 20 HoursJan 11, 6:20 am
310Stadia fans keep saying the platform has a future, but I'm still not seeing itJan 11, 6:20 am
311Genshin Impact beta tester fined $78,000 for leaked footage from the 2.5 updateJan 11, 6:20 am
312Netflix Is Moving Into Games In a Very Smart Way, Phil Spencer SaysJan 11, 6:10 am
313LAPD Officers Fired For Chasing Snorlax in Pokemon Go Instead of RobbersJan 11, 6:10 am
314The cute and wholesome farming/adventure game "Clouzy!" is coming to Steam in 2022Jan 11, 12:20 am
315Dragon Ball: The Breakers Skills Will Be Balanced to Avoid Pay-to-Win MechanicsJan 11, 12:20 am
316Spec Analysis: PlayStationVR 2 - a shot in the arm for high-end virtual reality gamingJan 11, 12:20 am
317Rainbow Six Extraction Frame Rates and Resolutions for Last & Next-Gen RevealedJan 11, 12:20 am
318FEAR Needs to Make a ComebackJan 11, 12:20 am
319Report: Armored Core 6 Screenshots Leak Online Following SurveyJan 11, 12:20 am
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