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265PS5 Exclusive Abandoned Is Not a Secret Kojima Game, Director Says Rumours 'Weren't Fun'Apr 8, 5:10 pm
266Resident Evil Village Showcase Announced as New Demo Files Seemingly AppearApr 8, 5:10 pm
267Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Two New Maps Quietly Removed A Week After They Were AddedApr 8, 5:10 pm
268Streets of Rage 4: New Characters and Modes Coming Across Paid and Free DLCApr 8, 5:10 pm
269Deathloop Has Been Delayed AgainApr 8, 5:10 pm
270Nintendo Switch Datamine Could Point to 4K Version Dock and Bluetooth AudioApr 8, 5:10 pm
271Resident Evil RE: Verse Beta Suspended Due To Matchmaking IssuesApr 8, 5:10 pm
272IO Interactive Is Working On A New IP In Addition to Hitman and James BondApr 8, 5:10 pm
273Ghosts Is a New FMV Horror Game That Only Truly Works at 10pm Each NightApr 8, 5:10 pm
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286Game Director Of PS5 Exclusive Abandoned Responds To Kojima Rumours And Teases Closed Alpha Testing, PS Store DemoApr 8, 11:10 am
287Forager Multiplayer Update CanceledApr 8, 5:20 am
288EA Adds Augusta To EA Sports PGA TourApr 8, 5:20 am
289Download World of Pets (Norris Nuts) for PC & Android/iOSApr 8, 5:20 am
290Monster Hunter Rise Offers Kamura Celebration PackApr 8, 5:20 am
291Layers of Fear VR is Headed to PlayStation VR on April 29Apr 8, 5:20 am
292Valheim progression - how to use the materials you discoverApr 8, 5:20 am
293Humble Spring Into VR Game Bundle out nowApr 8, 5:20 am
294There Are Only 31 Near-Perfect Games, According To MetacriticApr 8, 5:20 am
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296Forza Motorsports 8 Will Feature a Beta Test SoonApr 8, 5:20 am
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