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Here are your latest Game News Headlines for 18 January 2022 @ 05:01

Grading Nintendo Switch for each year it's been on the market

Nintendo Switch is approaching its fifth year on the market, and we are going to grade how it did in each year: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.

Ubisoft Gamestream Partnership Annnounced for "Enhanced Streaming Experiences"

A partnership between Ubisoft and Gamestream has been announced to promote "enhanced streaming experiences" for the game publisher.

Kingdom Hearts at 20: How will Square Enix celebrate?

Kingdom Hearts is due to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2022, but will Square Enix deliver on its promises of a special announcement?

Hunt out the Omni-Gem as Gem Wizards Tactics is confirmed for Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Neil writes: "Want to know more about the power of the Omni-Gem? Gem Wizards Tactics is likely to be for you."

Aery - Dreamscape Review - GamesReviews

From GamesReviews "Aery - Dreamscape is designed to be relaxing. While it might not be a hit as a traditional game, as an experience you may enjoy it."

Monster Hunter Rise Surpasses 8 Million Units Globally

Today Capcom announced with a press release that Monster Hunter Rise has shipped over 8 million copies worldwide.

When will video games give me their sad murder mums?

From RPS: "I enjoy the sub-genre of meme about Sad Murder Dads as much as the next gal. Heck, I enjoy those lads themselves. From Kratos in God Of War, to Joel in The Last Of Us, and even less story-f..

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt's Best Armor and Weapons

Need to know the best armor and weapons for Wild Hunt? This guide should do the trick!

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt's Hidden Items

Yes, there are hidden goodies to find within the world of Wild Hunt.

Unit sales are only one factor in the sequel equation

Decision-making over franchises can seem obscure, but there's usually solid logic behind such investment -- and sales are only part of the puzzle.

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