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The Bridge
The Bridge

The Bridge is an indie video game designed by American indie developer Ty Taylor.

11:55 pm, August 12, 2018

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PQube Teases New IP As Kotodama Celebrates Anniversary With 95% Off Sale

PQube reached out a press release teasing its future plans and celebrating the upcoming anniversary of the visual novel Kotodama.

12:00 am, May 29, 2020

The Last of Us Part II Brutal PS Vita Cameo Features Hotline Miami

Today's gameplay of The Last Of Us Part II was quite exciting for many fans of the series, but Naughty Dog also included a funny moment. 

11:33 pm, May 28, 2020

Revolutionary Tech-Related Scoop On The Level Of The PS5 Wired Reveal - Coming In Nxt Weeks Famitsu

"Revolutionary" scoop will "rile up the games industry."

11:00 pm, May 28, 2020

4A Games has removed the Denuvo anti-tamper tech from Metro: Exodus

4A Games has released a brand new patch for Metro: Exodus that removes the controversial Denuvo anti-tamper tech.

10:33 pm, May 28, 2020

New Titles Come To Google Stadia

Looks like more titles are coming to Stadia. Five new games are dropping into Stadia Pro on June 1.

10:33 pm, May 28, 2020

The Guerrilla Collective Adds Even More Companies

The list keeps growing and is even more impressive with more companies being added.

10:33 pm, May 28, 2020

Looking Back on Five Years of Splatoon - NVC 510

Nintendo Voice Chat for the week of May 28, 2020.

10:30 pm, May 28, 2020

Every Enchantment in Minecraft Dungeons

See all the ways you can power up your weapons with this Minecraft Dungeons guide.

10:30 pm, May 28, 2020

Monster Train Review - Reverse Slay the Spire | COGconnected

COG writes: Monster Train is a roguelike deckbuilding game with a unique twistyou play as the evil mastermind. You run the dungeon and create an obstacle for the heroes to climb. Your objective is to ..

10:00 pm, May 28, 2020

Ever Forward Preview (PC) | Hey Poor Player

If you enjoyed Gris or other games that explore the psyche in oblique ways, be sure to keep an eye on Ever Forward from My Time at Portia developers, coming to Steam June 29, 2020.

10:00 pm, May 28, 2020