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Shenmue III
Shenmue III

Shenmue III is an upcoming action-adventure video game directed by Yu Suzuki and developed by Neilo and Ys Net for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. It follows teenage martial artist Ryo Hazuki in his quest to find his father's killer in 1980s China.

1:17 am, December 12, 2017

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Developer Diary 6 Released

CAPCOM launches developer diary 6 for video game Monster Hunter World: Iceborne featuring new monster Alatreon and more content.

4:33 am, July 4, 2020

Muv-Luv Developers Discuss The Series, Future Plans, Upcoming Games, and More

Today, during the Muv-Luv Expo livestream, the developers of the series answered quite a few questions from the fans, providing interesting details.

4:00 am, July 4, 2020

Every The Last of Us 2 Safe Code and Safe Location

This The Last of Us 2 Safe Codes guides includes a full list of every safe location and safe code and combination in TLOU 2.

2:30 am, July 4, 2020

Borderlands 3: Bounty Of Blood DLC Review - Gaming Purists

Borderlands 3: Bounty Of Blood is the latest DLC expansion for Gearbox's 2019 looter-shooter title. It improves on the base game's flaws while being a fairly enjoyable standalone experience.

1:00 am, July 4, 2020

Waking: A Personal Journey | Indie Ranger

Waking is a personal journey through the mind of a coma patient. This review of Waking explores how successful the game is at achieving its lofty abitions.

1:00 am, July 4, 2020

Outrider's Spotlight - Everything We Know About the Pyromancer Class | COGconnected

COG writes: Outriders is a few months away still but the anticipation is building. Last month we delved deep into the Trickster class and now we have a full breakdown of everything we know about the P..

1:00 am, July 4, 2020

Preview: Hyper Scape | Console Creatures

Bobby says: "Hyper Scape is currently in technical beta but if Ubisoft keeps updating and improving their game, I can see Hyper Scape staying around for a while. With excellent controls, fun weapons a..

1:00 am, July 4, 2020

Hyper Scape: Technical Test Gameplay

Here is a look at the new game Hyper Scape in action during its Technical test.

12:33 am, July 4, 2020

Returnal to Take Advantage of PS5 Hardware and Peripherals for Relentless and Immersive Gameplay

Returnal will be a game that will showcase the power of the PlayStation 5 hardware and give the players a whole new fast gameplay experience.

12:33 am, July 4, 2020

Call of Duty Mobile Freedom Pack DLC supports unemployed veterans

The proceeds from a new Call of Duty Mobile DLC pack will go to help unemployed veterans.

11:33 pm, July 3, 2020