Clash Royale - New Card Database and Deck Builder

I have completely re-written the Clash Royale Card database and deck listing functions, and here it is! I had an older version of this on th..

Clash Royale : Four New Cards - December 2016 Preview

Four New Cards Announced and Previewed for release over the next four weeks into the new year! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HN3iK17AP4c ..

Tethered, World of FF, GTAV, Gears 4, Minecraft

  Latest Trailers Tethered Launch Trailer For..

Rockstar Almost Announces Red Dead, Skylanders Trailer, Titan Fall 2 Trailer & Battlefield 1 Servers.

Rockstar Posts Their Logo With A .. Red Background! Could it mean a new red dead redemption? Read More   Use the power of your imaginatio..

Clash Royale - New Cards Revealed : Mega Minion, Ice Golem, Inferno Dragon And Graveyard

Supercell will be releasing four new cards over the next few weeks, one per week starting with the Mega Minion which has been released toda..

Clash Royale Top Rated Deck List

Here is the top rated decks for June 2016. #5 - The Barb Deck This is a bit of a classic barb deck, good for fairly low arenas as most o..

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