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Sting, Shaggy to Debut New Music on Gary Whitta's Animal Crossing Talk Show

Both Sting and Shaggy will be debuting brand new music on Animal Talking, the talk show hosted in Animal Crossing.

8:00 pm, May 22, 2020

SokoBunny Review | TheXboxHub

James writes - "Not that long ago, I was kicking cars around a parking lot for fun in the rabbit-centric puzzler, Bunny Parking. While the actual concept was passable, many other aspects failed to hit..

7:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Saints Row: The Third Remastered Review - DailyGamingTech

Saints Row: The Third Remastered Xbox One X Review How we does this mayhem fuelled madness cope in todays market? Is a fresh coat of paint enough for another play though?

7:33 pm, May 22, 2020

ESPN broadcasting virtual Indy 500 this weekend with legends like Mario Andretti

The Indy 500 typically helps to kick off summer each year with its Memorial Day weekend race. Since the race has been delayed until August, a virtual version will be broadcast on ESPN instead. Six for..

7:00 pm, May 22, 2020

Call of Duty Season 4's New Operator May be Captain Price

Captain Price, the grizzled face of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series, is being teased for what is most likely season four of multiplayer.

7:00 pm, May 22, 2020

Dark Horse Deluxe Castlevania Pin and Magnet Sets get release date

The release date and other details have been revealed for the Dark Horse Deluxe Castlevania Pin and Magnet Sets.

6:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Space Haven - Rimworld Meets FTL - Preview - TryRolling

Space Haven, a colony sim taking inspiration from Rimworld, Oxygen Not Included and Dwarf Fortress. Build an entirely custom ship, manage every aspect of your crews lives, and survive in a hostile gal..

6:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Invasion Chapter 3 Now Available For EVE Online

The third and final chapter for the ongoing Triglavian Invasion storyline is now available for MMO EVE Online.

6:33 pm, May 22, 2020

DCS World Promises "Most Realistic Aircraft Carrier Simulation" With Supercarrier Launch Trailer

Today Eagle Dynamics launched the early access of the Supercarrier module for its advanced combat flight simulator DCS World.

6:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Outriders for PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, & PC Gets New Screenshots Showing its Characters

Square Enix and People Can Fly are releasing new screenshots of the upcoming cross-generation co-op RPG shooter Outriders.

6:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition for PS4 Is Free For a Limited Time

Today Square Enix launched a promotion for the PS4 version of the Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition, which is currently free for a limited time.

6:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Maneater: 24 Essential Tips for Terrorizing the Seas

Become an apex predator and strike fear into man and fish alike with these important tips for Maneater

6:00 pm, May 22, 2020

We're not kidding - the Saints Row The Third remaster is exceptional

Impeccably retooled for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

5:33 pm, May 22, 2020

GORN review (PSVR) | Press Play Media

Pressplaynews: "Almost a year after its release on PC, the popular VR gladiator game GORN has landed on PlayStation VR. Developed by Free Lives and published by Devolver, we couldnt wait to see what h..

5:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Maneater Review | TechRaptor

Alex says: "There's no game that makes you feel like a shark quite as well as Maneater, but a shoddy open-world structure and repetitive missions make it little more than a quick rush of adrenaline."

5:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Street Power Football to bring the skills to Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC this summer

Neil writes: "If you're bored of FIFA, can't find the enthusiasm to delve into PES, and just want a football game that delivers fun, then this summer you are looking like being sorted as Street Power ..

5:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Minecraft Dungeons review: Joining 2020's top games with a bright future | Windows Central

Minecraft Dungeons is a game that I never knew I wanted. Combining the best of Diablo with accessible action RPG elements that are easy to learn, and deep to master, Minecraft Dungeons casts off the D..

5:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Dr. Crumbs School for Disobedient Pets is the First Live Escape Room for Oculus Quest

Grab 4 friends and try to figure a way out.

5:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Super Mario 64 Levels Recreated in Super Mario Maker 2

Besides that strange DS port of Super Mario 64, the wonderfully iconic Nintendo platformer has yet to see an official remaster or full-blown remake, but now you can play some of its levels in Mario Ma..

5:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Wasteland 3: The Story, World, and Characters - IGN

inXile studio head Brian Fargo and the Wasteland 3 development team introduce you to the story, world, and characters you'll find in the player-choice-driven RPG Wasteland 3, which is due out on Augus..

5:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Minecraft Dungeons review: a superb and surprisingly challenging dungeon crawler

Minecraft Dungeons is not only an excellent dungeon crawler it's surprisingly hard at times too. Although a little basic in some areas, there is still hours of fun here to be had by all ages.

5:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Outriders for PS5, Xbox Series X Gets a New Trailer Ahead of Broadcast on May 28th

PP: Square Enix has today announced that there will be an Outriders Broadcast - a new monthly show revealing more information on the upcoming PS5 RPG shooter - and the first Broadcast will be on May 2..

5:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Maneater Review Rough Waters Ahead | Wccftech

Is Maneater the bloody-good time shark fans have been waiting for or does is sink under the weight of high expectations?

5:00 pm, May 22, 2020

Paid Pokemon Go Throwback Challenge Celebration Details Revealed

The Pokemon GO Throwback Challenge Celebration is coming for a mere $7.99. Come find out all the details on what it is and when you can buy the ticket.

4:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Touring Western Skyrim With The ESO Team

Player 2 goes on a virtual tour of the latest ESO expansion with two members of the development team.

4:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Fallout 76... I Just Don't Get It - Super Co-Op Bros

Fallout 76 is a game you either love or you hate. By no means is this a review of Fallout 76 but my own meandering thoughts. Will Wastelanders update help?

4:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Q&A With Icarus Creator Spenser Starke - Back to the Gaming

Speser Starke talkes with Back to the Gaming about balancing his life and the pursuit of creating board games.

4:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Interview With Moonshine Empire Creator Jason Mack - Back to the Gaming

Jason Mack talks Kickstarter success and Moonshine Empire in this exclusive interview with

4:33 pm, May 22, 2020

How the Studio Behind The Last Guardian Helped Ghost of Tsushima Find Its Direction

Sucker Punch Productions on working with SIE Japan Studio, combat, and the guiding wind.

4:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Amazon's Crucible Is Having Some Launch Issues

Available for free on Steam, Amazon's Crucible is suffering from poor balancing, a lack of content, troubles with matchmaking and more.

4:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix Review | GameGrin

Nikki of GameGrin reviews Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix on Switch, writing: "Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix is the latest game to release in SEGAs popular Project DIVA series while also bei..

4:33 pm, May 22, 2020

New screenshots revealed for The Outer Worlds on Switch

Private Division and Obsidian have passed along a few new screenshots for The Outer Worlds on Switch.

4:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Good Goliath (PSVR) - EnthusPlays

Aaron hurls random objects and people at other people in Good Goliath on PSVR. Full Disclosure: This game was provided to GameEnthus by the PR rep, publisher or developer. Genre: VR action Develope..

4:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Predator Philippines Drops Streaming Partner ZenPro After Freelance Editor Hiring Scandal

Popular computer gaming brand Predator Philippines drops local streaming partner ZenPro after his freelance editor hiring scandal.

4:00 pm, May 22, 2020

Wavey the Rocket (Steam) - EnthusPlays

Aaron plays Wavey the Rocket on Steam to a pretty specific degree of success. Full Disclosure: This game was provided to GameEnthus by the PR rep, publisher or developer. Genre: action, traversal ch..

4:00 pm, May 22, 2020

Twitch Prime Announces SNK Partnership

Twitch Prime today has announced a special partnership with SNK which will offer Twitch Prime members 22 free SNK titles throughout the summer.

4:00 pm, May 22, 2020

How Valorant Is Set To Take Over eSports

Riot Games' new online shooter Valorant is set to take over the eSports world. Even though the game is currently in a closed beta? It is attracting some of the world's top eSports competitors to the p..

3:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Frontier Justice: Return to the Wild West Moseys onto the Play Store

Frontier Justice made its way onto the Play Store this week. ONEMTs latest purports to be a fine balance between strategy and building sim. Set in the world of the Wild West, it features an immersive ..

3:00 pm, May 22, 2020

Review: Maneater - PS4 | Pure PlayStation

PP: Maneater fulfils the power fantasy of its unique premise, taking you from budding pup to fearsome apex predator. While its consistently rewarding gameplay loop may prove too repetitive for some, m..

3:00 pm, May 22, 2020

Overwatch Is Just A Shell Of Its Former Glory

Overwatch was the hero shooter back then. It gave us an idea of what Team Fortress 2 could have been. It gave us the illusion of a very fast paced first person shooter. But recently, Blizzard just sho..

3:00 pm, May 22, 2020

Maneater Review - Watch Out Boy Shell Chew You Up | Twinfinite

Twinfinite's full review of Maneater, the new ShaRkPG from Tripwire Interactive that's out now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

3:00 pm, May 22, 2020

New Modern Warfare Teaser Hints at Capt. Price Coming Soon

Infinity Ward has released a new Modern Warfare teaser, and this one hints at an upcoming character returning very soon!

3:00 pm, May 22, 2020

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Released for iOS and Android with Launch Trailer

Today Spike Chunsoft released the original Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc for mobile platforms and a trailer to show it off.

3:00 pm, May 22, 2020

Maneater Review - She'll Chew You Up | MonsterVine

MonsterVine: "Theres a certain allure to sharks, but along with that comes a fear that was bolstered by films like Jaws. Always the antagonist in games, there hasnt quite been a game that properly put..

3:00 pm, May 22, 2020

Kerbal Space Program 2 Delayed Due to COVID-19

Games are starting to get delayed because of the outbreak of COVID-19. With Kerbal Space Program 2 joining the list of delayed projects. The anticipated space simulator has been delayed to Fall 2021.

3:00 pm, May 22, 2020

April 2020 NPD sees Final Fantasy 7 Remake at the top

The April 2020 NPD results have been released, with spending for the month hitting a record high for any April ever. Final Fantasy 7 Remake debuted as the best-selling game for the month.

3:00 pm, May 22, 2020

A Fold Apart review - ChirstCenteredGamer

CCG Writes - "A Fold Apart is a charming puzzle-platformer that tells the story of a long-distance relationship. Upon launching the game, you get to decide how the relationship will be structured. I o..

2:33 pm, May 22, 2020

How Will the Brotherhood of Steel Fit Into Fallout 76?

Bethesda has confirmed that everyone's favourite faction is coming, but how will the Brotherhood of Steel fit into Fallout 76?

2:33 pm, May 22, 2020

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is April 2020's Best-Selling Game

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the best-selling game of April 2020, followed by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

2:30 pm, May 22, 2020

Days of Play 2020: Incredible Deals on Games and More

Days of Play returns with big savings on games, PS Plus and PS Now memberships, and more.

2:00 pm, May 22, 2020