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XCOM: Chimera Squad (PC) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Paul Broussard: "If youre new to the series, then its hard to recommend this over Enemy Unknown or XCOM 2, especially given that they frequently go on sale for comparable prices. Conversely..

3:00 pm, May 10, 2020

Atari Flashback Classics 50% Off For The Switch

If you own a Switch you will likely enjoy this offer with over 150 classic games on sale.

2:33 pm, May 10, 2020

Phantasy Star Online 2 Review - MMORPG

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a game that many in the west are only just getting introduced to. While the game has been released in Japan for nearly 8 years, this SEGA institution still garners a substant..

2:33 pm, May 10, 2020

SnowRunner Review | WGTC

SnowRunner is the stay-inside game we need right now. Slow, rewarding, and providing just enough resistance to keep the player sharp.

2:33 pm, May 10, 2020

New Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris Video & Screenshot Show Tiese, Ronye & Fanatio's Episodes

Today Bandai Namco revealed a new video and a screenshot of the upcoming JRPG Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

2:33 pm, May 10, 2020

Dino Crisis Rebirth, Dino Crisis Remaster using DirectX 9, is now available for download

DSOGaming writes: "Back in January, we informed you about a Remaster Mod for Dino Crisis, called Dino Crisis Rebirth. And today, we are happy to report that this mod is finally available for download...

2:00 pm, May 10, 2020

Windows 10 20H1 Update releases on May 26th, brings DirectX 12 Ultimate & Xbox Game Bar improvements

DSOGaming writes: "Microsoft has announced that the May 2020 Update, also known as 20H1 Update, for Windows 10 will release on May 26th."

2:00 pm, May 10, 2020

"E3's Never Going To Happen Again" Says Postal 4 Developer

Between discussing Postal 4s jank-tacularly positive reception in Early Access, Mik Jaret of Running With Scissors talks about his obsession with Rockstar Games, and E3 - and its apparent death.

2:00 pm, May 10, 2020

PSA: How to Find Animal Crossing's Turnip Lady

It's Sunday in Animal Crossing: New Horizons - don't forget to buy your turnips from Daisy Mae, and read up on how to work the stalk market to make tons of bells!

2:00 pm, May 10, 2020

Streets of Rage 4 Review - Kick, Punch, Its all in the Mind | TheXboxHub

Paul writes: "Playing Streets of Rage 4 is an absolute no-brainer and it is without doubt one of the best games of the year."

1:33 pm, May 10, 2020

Monster Hunter Stories Funko Pop figures get release date

The release date has been revealed for the Monster Hunter Stories Funko Pop figures.

1:33 pm, May 10, 2020

Cyberpunk 2077 Fan Film Directed by Vi-Dan Tran Looks Awesome in First Teaser

Today T7 Productions released the first teaser of a Cyberpunk 2077 fan film titled Phoenix Program.

12:33 pm, May 10, 2020

Sword of the Necromancer has just ended its Kickstarter campaign with over 200K Euros in total funds

JanduSoft and Grimorio of Games are today very proud, happy and excited to announce that their upcoming dungeon-crawler ARPG Sword of the Necromancer has managed to collect 201,526 in total funds via ..

12:33 pm, May 10, 2020

Para-bore-um - John Wick Hex Review [Video Chums]

"I thoroughly enjoyed John Wick Hex's truly clever gameplay concepts but the fashion in which it executes them could use a lot of fine-tuning in order for it to reach the heights of the top-notch film..

10:33 am, May 10, 2020

SNK Gals Fighters Review - Queen of Fighters | MonsterVine

MonsterVine: "SNK Gals Fighters is a simple but exceptionally creative fighting game that features excellent spritework, fun characters, and excellent customization options for this port."

9:33 am, May 10, 2020

Digital Extremes Wants to Implement Warframe Cross Save, Here's Why It's Not Yet Available

Developers Digital Extremes explains why Warframe cross save feature has yet to arrive, though they continue to express interest.

9:33 am, May 10, 2020

Ubisoft hosting action-adventure sale on the Switch eShop

Ubisoft is now hosting a new sale on the Switch eShop featuring action-adventure games. Assassins Creed, Rayman Legends, and South Park are among the included titles.

9:33 am, May 10, 2020

Pokemon Sword/Shield players starting to receive bans for intentionally disconnecting from matches

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield players are starting to receive online bans for intentionally disconnecting from matches. Players in Japan have been reporting the news about action taken against them..

9:33 am, May 10, 2020

Nintendo Switch Delivered Best Fiscal Year For Sales of a Console In More Than a Decade

Nintendo had a record fiscal year with both hardware and software sales, and it appears that Nintendo Switch has claimed a new sales record this generation.

9:00 am, May 10, 2020

My Hero One's Justice 2 Review - Not a Solid Upgrade But Ultimately Decent | TwistedVoxel

As a sequel, My Hero One's Justice 2 has settled on offering more quantity instead of improving its quality. Read the full review by Twisted Voxel.

9:00 am, May 10, 2020

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Map Created by Prominent Japanese Real-World Map Publisher

A prominent map publisher in Japan made a detailed map of Yakuza: Like a Dragon's setting proving once more that companies can't afford ignoring gaming.

9:00 am, May 10, 2020

This $470 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Figure by Gecco Is a True Work of Art

For a very popular game, FromSoftware's Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice didn't get many figures just yet, but this one is bound to turn heads.

8:33 am, May 10, 2020

TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 30 Did Inside Xbox and its Series X games line-up deliver?

James writes - "What an eventful week for Xbox gamers; not only did they get an Inside Xbox episode showcasing a selection of Xbox Series X games, but now theres a new instalment of our weekly podcast..

8:33 am, May 10, 2020

Danganronpa Creators Death Come True Gets New Video Introducing Jiro Sato

Izanagi Games released a new video about the upcoming full-motion video game Death Come True for PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

8:33 am, May 10, 2020

New version of the Doom Eternal Restoration Graphics Mod brings new graphical improvements

DSOGaming writes: "Last month, we informed you about a mod that attempted to restore some graphical features that were cut from Doom Eternal. And a couple of days ago, Nikk Mann released a brand new v..

8:00 am, May 10, 2020

The Wonderful 101: Remastered | 4K Gameplay

The Wonderful 101: Remastered offers the unprecedented ability to control 100 heroes at once, with the flowing controls and dynamic action that are the PlatinumGames hallmark.

7:33 am, May 10, 2020

Review: Ministry of Broadcast - A Shoeless Man in a Dystopia | GameLuster

Developed by Ministry of Broadcast Studio and published by Hitcents, Ministry of Broadcast is a narrative driven, pixel platformer. Ministry of Broadcast tells an interesting story of one man's journe..

7:33 am, May 10, 2020

RDR2 Is On Game Pass - Here's Every Cheat You'll Need

You could take it slow, or you could use these cheats to be swimming in riches, ammo, and more.

6:30 am, May 10, 2020

Grab Some Animal Crossing NieR and NieR Automata Outfits

Siliconera's latest round of Animal Crossing New Horizons clothes features Animal Crossing NieR and NieR Automata clothing.

4:33 am, May 10, 2020

Arcade Spirits Review | God is a Geek

Lyle Carr: "Arcade Spirits is an inclusive and heartwarming visual novel with great writing set against a backdrop of arcade cabinets and change machines."

3:33 am, May 10, 2020

Daymare: 1998 Review - Generation Xbox

The inspiration from the Resident Evil series is clear throughout the experience, but will Daymare: 1998 be remembered with as much reverence?

3:33 am, May 10, 2020

How to Beat the Final Boss in Gears Tactics

Get intel on the boss's attacks and strategies to defeat it.

3:30 am, May 10, 2020

Nintendo: more games scheduled for release than what's been announced, dependent on work situation

Nintendo is quickly running out of games to release on Switch in terms of whats been announced. After Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition drops this month followed by Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwid..

2:00 am, May 10, 2020

The Best FF7 Secrets and Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

Check out all these FF7 Remake secrets and easter eggs.

1:30 am, May 10, 2020

Borderlands 3 players are helping researchers map the human gut biome

Thanks to a mini-game within Borderlands 3, gamers are helping scientists map the human gut biome. In fact, more than 700,000 players have helped to solve 36 million puzzles as part of the Borderlands..

12:00 am, May 10, 2020

Geoff Keighley hints that we have not yet seen what next-gen games will look like

Geoff Keighley is dropping hints on Twitter.

11:33 pm, May 9, 2020

Dead by Daylight is celebrating its 4th anniversary on May 26th with a special stream

Canadas leading independent game development studio BehaviourTM Interactive is proud to extend an invitation to celebrate the 4th anniversary of its iconic asymmetrical 4v1 game Dead by DaylightTM by ..

11:00 pm, May 9, 2020

The Super Mario 64 Jazz Orchestra themed album Hang on to Your Hat is now available

Materia Collective are today very happy and pleased to present "Hang on to Your Hat", a big band jazz album dedicated to "Super Mario 64" marking the debut of the Video Game Jazz Orchestra.

11:00 pm, May 9, 2020

Latest Humble Bundle comes packed with digital board games to play with friends

The Humble Asmodee Digital Play With Friends Bundle is out now. It features The Lord of the Rings Adventure Card Game, Splendor, Mysterium, Small World 2, Carcassonne, and more.

10:33 pm, May 9, 2020

Get Your Favorite Song from K.K. Slider (Full Song List)

If K.K. Slider is visiting your town tonight, here's every song you can request him to play to keep a copy for yourself!

10:30 pm, May 9, 2020

As the world weathers a pandemic, Nintendo may just be recession-proof

Why, in moments of crisis, does everyone want to shelter in place in the House of Mario?

10:00 pm, May 9, 2020

Valorant Got a New Patch For Vanguard Anti-Cheat That Broke It In New Ways

Valorant got a new patch for Vanguard Anti-Cheat, but while it fixed some issues with it blocking drivers, it blocked many players from being able to launch the game.

9:00 pm, May 9, 2020

Banned Mobile Game Pandemia: Virus Outbreak Coming to Steam

TechRaptor writes, "Developer and Publisher PocketsOfEnergy has announced that their title Pandemia: Virus Outbreak--which was previously banned from Google Play after one week due to "alleged referen..

9:00 pm, May 9, 2020

The Ascent: Watch 12 Minutes of Next-Gen Gameplay IGN First

Take a look at 12 minutes of gameplay footage (yes, it's actual gameplay!) from the Xbox Series X exclusive action-RPG, The Ascent.

8:00 pm, May 9, 2020

The Wonderful 101 Remastered Review: Perfect Platinum [The Mako Reactor]

The Mako Reactor says: Nonetheless, these concerns do little to take away from the fun and hopefully well see more of the Wonderful Ones with a sequel. Right now though, The Wonderful 101 Remastered ..

8:00 pm, May 9, 2020

Streets of Rage 4 Review - Beat 'Em Up Evolution - MP1st

(MP1st): Is it a smashing return to glory or does this rage run out of steam? Read on for the MP1st Streets of Rage 4 review.

8:00 pm, May 9, 2020

Yuzu, the Nintendo Switch Emulator, Can Now Take Advantage of Multicore CPUs

Yuzu, the Nintendo Switch emulator for PC, has just been updated to take advantage of multicore CPUs for improved performance in games.

8:00 pm, May 9, 2020

Tales of Crestoria Looks Quite Good in 25 Minutes of Gameplay

Bandai Namco is preparing to launch Tales of Crestoria on mobile platforms, and an open beta is going on in a couple of regions.

8:00 pm, May 9, 2020

Review: Slayin 2 - Glitch Effect

"After an intense month of long-awaited releases, such as Resident Evil 3 and Final Fantasy VII Remake, it 's nice to be able to take a breath and discover the new indie games that have just arrived o..

8:00 pm, May 9, 2020

Daymare 1998 - PS4 Review - PlayStation Country

Michael Kitchin writes, "Daymare 1998 wears its influence firmly and proudly. It's a decision that stifles creativity and invention when it comes to enemy and environmental design. Whilst a poor imita..

7:33 pm, May 9, 2020

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